RAMBUS Aims for Terabyte-per-second Memory Bandwidth

Rambus Inc. plans to announce this Wednesday a new memory signaling technology initiative targeted at delivering a Terabyte-per-second of memory bandwidth, which the company touts as a solution for next-generation multi-core, game and graphics applications.

Rather than simply increasing the clock speed of memory to achieve higher output, Rambus looks to boost bandwidth with a 32X data rate. Just as DDR memory technologies doubles transfer on a single, full clock signal cycle, Rambus' proposed technology is able to data at 32 times the reference clock frequency. With 32X technology, the memory company is targeting a bandwidth of 16Gbps per DQ link with memory running at 500MHz. In contrast, today's DDR3 at 500MHz achieves a bandwidth of 1Gbps.

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DJ3835d ago

PS3 has such great performance. Hopefully we can see this kind of technology in PS4 and PCs.

gta_cb3835d ago

dont want this kinda thing in the next Xbox? come on cant really say no, competition is good :)

INehalemEXI3835d ago

Thats a huge improvement.Will be great if it works out.

lynx1halo3835d ago

nothing else to say but Nice!!!

Bleucrunch3835d ago

That kind of power for the next Playstaion will do wonders. Plus by the time that comes out it will not be as expensive as I assume it would be now.

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