The Dirty PlayStation Kid responds to conspiracy theories

Reid Godshaw, the Dirty PlayStation Kid has posted on to debunk the conspiracy theories against him. He states that he is a long time Sony consumer, a genuine customer, and categorically denies being paid to attack Sony.

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Fighter3890d ago

Just look at his PS3, it's a huge mess. Looks like he was in a dirt rally with it. I'm glad they refused to replace it.

mighty_douche3890d ago

if i sold this guy something and he returned it in that condition asking me to honour his warrenty, id kick him in the nuts.

oh, and tell him to have a bloody shave, nice bum fluff noob...

BrianC62343890d ago

I just checked out this kid's MySpace page. Yikes, that hair. No wonder he's a bit actor.

Razzy3890d ago

He must have been towing his PS3 behind him during that dirt rally.

Kleptic3890d ago

this kid's hair says:

"I categorically deny being paid to trash Sony's console...however...I fully admit to being 100% douchebag..."

Wii60_FTW3890d ago

I can take one look at this kid and know he's full of sh1t.

Keowrath3890d ago

Lol! Mighty Douche, that aint bum fluff! It's DIRT!

Lex Luthor3890d ago

My ps3 is spotless even though i can't remember the last time i switched it on.

Nagthragarthoth3889d ago

This guy is probably just trailer trash whose entire house is one gigantic pigsty... What a dumbfnck.

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Neurotoxin3890d ago

Maybe learning to dust would be top of his priorities.....

.....Unless he lives somewhere really dusty there is no excuse for the console being in that state, even if it is a dusty area you can still prevent that sort of neglect.

ravinash3889d ago

They could have opened it up to find nothing but a text book in it.

Vip3r3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Didn't he say that he "wiggled the eject button" or something moronically retarded to that effect? Kinda makes it looks like he up to something.

Counter_ACT3890d ago

I thought using the word "wiggled" was a bit weird too.

Anyway, I somehow don't believe Sony said it was a hazard to repair it. They wouldn't repair it because he let it go to sh1t and therefore doesnt deserve it. xD I don't blame them.

I doubt he is a paid actor, but he certainly is an idiot.

Skerj3890d ago

He sure did say that, so that totally discredited him completely. Anyone who owns or has played a PS3 extensively knows there is no eject button to jiggle. And that's not just a simple thing you can forget and accidentally say, considering there's only one button on the thing and that's the main power switch in the back. Not only that but we've all SEEN the thing, seriously I could not have wiped down my PS3 for the entire time I've had it and it wouldn't have been anywhere near that dusty.

Kleptic3890d ago

agreed...I have had my PS3 since March, which has had it living in two different apartments since then...both of which have considerable dust...

I barely "dust" anything...I have gone weeks at a time without physically touching the ps3 except to change discs or plug in a controller...the gloss finish does get "dusty", but nothing like what that jackass had...basements are not even that bad...

and yeah "I the eject button"...completely destroys his story...he never mentions trying to eject it through the xmb either...considering how dirty it was, it could have been likely that his stupid finger wasn't making a good contact with the eject button...which simply completes a circuit in order to tell the PS3 to eject don't press it...its just a little metal contact...

there have been other stories of PS3s not ejecting due to a firmware problem...and mine has stuck once or twice (simply didn't recognize a disc...restarted it...worked fine) I am not saying that the kid never had a problem in the first place...but its very obvious that if he isn't a paid retard...he has no business playing games anyway...for being an actor, he hardly knew what he needed to say in order to make his story more believable...

Darkiewonder3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Even d-list actors can afford to throw away a ps3 and buy a new one.

Razzy3890d ago

Didn't you hear? He's moving in with the 2 Corey's next week. LOL

BloodySinner3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Sony could easily just use compressed air to blow the internal dust away. Is it really that hard to do?

Tut3890d ago

I don't think that is the issue really. He could have prevented this very easily but didn't out of his own selfishness. That is neglect. I don't feel a bit sorry for him. He is a slob.

Don't they even tell you how to keep your machine clean and well-ventilated?

ukilnme3890d ago

Come on now, this is in no way Sony's fault or responsibility. He can go buy a can of air himself and a Swifter to clean his nasty @ss house.

BloodySinner3890d ago

I realize that. But he did dump $600 on it, so the least they can do is fix it just ONCE in his case and keep a track record. So the next time he sends his console for repair (if it happens to be the same issue again) they can charge him.

Skerj3890d ago

If he'd been thinking about that $600 he dumped on it, maybe he wouldn't have dumped all that damn dirt on it as well.

BrianC62343890d ago

Is that you Reid Godshaw? You really should take better care of your things.

Bibto3890d ago

I'm not sure if it's Sony's responsibility to clean his console for him. I think it would fall under user maintenance. Also, I don't have a PS3 (yet) , so I don't have a manual, but I found this:

It clearly states: Do not place the system in an area subject to excessive dust or cigarette smoke. Dust build-up or cigarette smoke residue on the internal components (such as the lens) may cause the system to malfunction.

Would that be enough reason to void his warranty?

IntelligentAj3890d ago

I don't blame Sony for not fixing it because I'm pretty sure all consoles(and consumer electronics) have warranties that cover everything except (gross)neglect, which this obviously was.

Tut3890d ago


I do see your point and it is very valid. Sony is getting negative press for this because it makes them look picky or lazy in their seemingly ridiculous decision NOT to help their customer. The gaming world is taking it the opposite though, which is deserving and just.

If Sony fixes the machine then it could open the flood gates for more negative press and more neglected machines demanding to be fixed. With so much negative press I doubt it would make a difference.

If I were to make a product and someone took it and thrashed it, then returned to me and demanded I fix it I would probably show them the door and give them a quick lesson in manners and responsibility. It would give the rest of my consumers the wrong idea of how I run my business.

Your idea is completely valid though. They could do it, but I think this is a matter of principle in which I see Sony being in the right on this one. That sucks for the kid, but hopefully he learned his lesson and can be at least a little more responsible.

Enigma_20993890d ago

Him keeping the system from getting that dirty in the first place?

Do you not THINK?!?!?

ravinash3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

But I think the damage had already been done.
If he was so worried about the thing working right, he should have looked after it better.
What you saw in the pictures was just the dust on the outside...imagine how much dust the fans had been sucking in.

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