Latest Apple firmware update meeses with iPod 360 compatibility

According to various reports, Apple's latest firmware update has resulted in conflicting iPod playback on the Xbox 360. Some users report that their iPod's are no longer recognized on the Xbox 360 while others report that their devices have never worked on the Xbox 360 or have just quit working since the update.

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predator3889d ago

i wonder whos going to fix that one? lol

Andronix3889d ago

There's one type of piracy that I don't like and that's a cons-piracy.

Bladestar3889d ago

I used my Ipod before and it worked on my xbox 360... now... if MAC screwed that up.. then it's no longer microsoft fault.. let MAC fix it themselves... if it was working before and got messup after an ipod firmware update.. then is MAC fault..
Hell.. even the PSP is recognized on the xbox 360 and every other MP3 player...

drewdrakes3889d ago

I agree, they would have had to try to screw it up. And considering that you had to download something specific for ipod compatibility, i doubt Microsoft had anything to do with it. Of anything they want it to work the most. I have always hated Apple. Their commercials lie constantly.

"Mac sales are up." Well, thats misleading. Their sales are up, but their market share is lower now:

S1nnerman3889d ago

If some people are saying that their iPod has never worked then the update can't really have had an affect (even post update - I mean, how would they know?). Can it? Anyway, won't MS be happy with that? I mean ... they want to plug the Zune. Or am I just a cynic? lol

PS360PCROCKS3889d ago

Lmao hahahahaha!!!! Fuc*ing Apple, that's hilarious. Mine always worked, than it got stolen so I can't check it now, but that's funny

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