Which is More Consumer Friendly: HD DVD or Blu-ray?

Shane Sturgeon, chief editor and technologist of HDTV Magazine, writes:

"No, this is not the standard HD DVD vs. Blu-ray article that you may be used to reading. I am not declaring a 'winner' because I think we are at a point now where neither camp is going away. Instead, this article explains which format I believe is the better choice for the consumer (you) this holiday season. Could that change a year from now? Sure, but I want to help you decide what to buy this year.

This article is not written in an attempt to convince anyone who has already made an investment one way or the other, for that is an almost impossible feat. It was written for those that are still 'on the fence', as they say. It is for those who are either undecided, or are waiting to see which one will come out ahead (or which will be first to waive the white flag). It's time to hop down off of that fence."

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P4KY B3951d ago

Things i didn't know:-
Blu-ray bitrates can run to 54Mbit/s while HD DVD is limited to 36Mbit/s
Blu-ray does utilize a hard coating on the surface of their media that resists scratches

LoydX-mas3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

But do they really make Blu-ray more "consumer friendly"?

I prefer price of players and media to be the first priority.
Second is backwards compatibility.

HD-DVD does win on the entry level player, but both fail on movie prices.

HD-DVD wins in the backwards compatibility department with the Combo format (but it has limited releases and it is more expensive). But at least it allows only ONE purchase of a movie to play in all players.
This is something Blu-ray does not have. You MUST have both Blu-ray and SD-DVD versions to watch on standard players.

Bladestar3951d ago

"Blu-ray bitrates can run to 54Mbit/s while HD DVD is limited to 36Mbit/s" lol... what the hell did you just say?... that's what a john doe would say...

For a product to be consumer friend they must first understand what the product is... try explaining someone what blu-ray is without telling them what it does...

HD DVD is self explanatory... most HD DVD movies come with DVD in one side and HD DVD on the others... allows people without HD DVD to be able to watch the movie on standard DVD player...

Oh yeah.. and price... HD DVD players are cheaper...

we can spend hours geeking away about the tecnical advances and how one format is better than another... bla bla... but to the mainstream consumer here is what matters.

I) Both solve the same problem... both can hold HD movies.. specially now that HD DVD movies can be up to 51GB.

II) HD DVD is self explanatory... not need to explain what it does.

III) HD DVD movies can be viewed on standard DVD players since most HD DVD movies come with DVD in one side.

IV) HD DVD players are cheaper.

Isn't that what consumer friend should be?

marinelife93951d ago

The problem with HD-DVD isn't the # of movies they have available it's the quality of movies. I have a 2 year old so we have a lot of Disney movies. If I own a PS3 I might as well buy it in hi-def. Ratatouille, Cars, Pirates, Spiderman, Harry Potter (Warner) 300 (Warner) I can all see on Blu-Ray. The only hi-def movie I couldn't see was Transformers and I can live with that upscaled. The majority of the most popular and highest grossing movies I want to see come out on Blu-Ray.

All the stuff he mentioned about copy protection and standardization I couldn't care less about, but obviously it's more important to him than what movies he watches on his player.

barom3951d ago

Whats bad about the combo format is that you are forced to pay the extra dollars (around 4-5$). Another thing is that since all the data gotta be burned on both sides the defective rate is noticeably higher. Of course I read this at wiki so it could be a lie but it sounds reasonable.

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mighty_douche3951d ago


and here comes the disagrees.... "oh but the HD war is important to gamers...", yeah cos without it there'd be nothing to argue over....

why not change Blu-ray Vs HD DVD, to Sony Vs M$ because thats all that happens in these pointless threads....

TnS3951d ago

The Round Peg is quite obsessed with these stories...

Loopy3951d ago

It's in the Tech section and you can post anything Tech news, whether game related or not.
So stop with those "it's a gaming site".

mighty_douche3951d ago

by it seems as if the whole site is more concerned with company politics, sales figures and other irrelivent "news". i come here for gaming news or at least news related to gaming.

perhaps the people doing the contributing are more concerned with their score than the quality of the news. yourself excluded.

Danja3951d ago

ok I get what ur trying to say Mighty..and I do think that some ppl only want more they post flameait artcles...

no disrespect but why don't you start posting some more gamer friendly artcles here then...?!!

mighty_douche3951d ago

why dont i post some...

well im at work and hiding one page is hard enough let alone jumping between multiple pages. i aint getting the sack for you lot lol.

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Danja3951d ago

I agree this site is News for Gamers..not News only about Games..jeez just ignore don't have to read the articles..dude..

I support Blu Ray..i've made this clear and it's the best choice for Consumers it has the most variety , better specs..and hardware...!!

Vip3r3951d ago

The Round Peg really is a HD wars fanboy. Just about every post of his always involves HD-DVD and how it's doing well...

StrboyM3951d ago

this guy starts off by saying he isnt choosing sides and hes only concerned about the

then he goes into all the definitive differences about both "bit rate, titles, studios ect" (which blue ray won most of). with that said, heres the kicker. he claims that he is reaching out to undecided users

if this is true. wouldnt new users buy the new producion units of blue ray players, which mandate the universal operation system 1.1?

if so, wouldnt it come down to "bit rate, titles, studios ect"


marinelife93951d ago

Good points. You can read the bias in his response to Blu-Ray positives but that's his prerogative. If I only bought a HD-DVD player there would simply be too many POPULAR movies that I want to see that I would miss out on.

mssturgeon3950d ago

You missed the point of the article. HD DVD is standardized, less hassle, same (apparent) quality, and less expensive. All around the consumer has less to worry about with HD DVD, and they get the same apparent audio/video quality ... in my opinion.

- Shane Sturgeon
Publisher, HDTV Magazine

StrboyM3950d ago

everything you need to make a "comparison", was stated by "YOU" lol, you agree that Blue ray has the advantage, but you still tell people that hd-dvd is better...omg that doesnt make sense. you condescendingly talk about blue ray whlle saying that its better. lmao

last time i checked 378 movies was "MORE" that 345. and hmmm, maybe when i decide to buy a "MOVIE" player that should be most important.

from your site

It was written for those that are still "on the fence", as they say. It is for those who are either undecided, or are waiting to see which one will come out ahead

Blu-ray has more manufacturer support than HD DVD - This one is true
Blu-ray has higher capacity/bitrate than HD DVD - I'll give you that
Blu-ray can do all that added feature and interactivity stuff too - Yes, but only certain players can support it, and only certain disks have it

Blockbuster went Blu-ray exclusive, the end is near - Again, Blockbuster's announcement was not quite that far reaching. The Blu-ray exclusivity is limited to about 87% of their stores

HD DVDs scratch more easily because they don't have the hard coating that Blu-ray has - Blu-ray does utilize a hard coating on the surface of their media that resists scratches.

your confusing.

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