Mii Love Golf

Capcom Japan shared a few new screenshots earlier today of its upcoming Wii golf game, along with one awesome new bullet point: Mii support!

We Love Golf! will let players use their Wii avatars as playable characters. The characters will appear directly on the green, and will animate in line with the action.

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YoMeViet3953d ago

Golf is boring, they should make a Wii game that lets you go around beating people up with baseball bats and katanas.

Wii Mugger or Wii tax collecter would be a good name for it.

YoMeViet3953d ago

i meant something more like beating a man to the ground and keep kicking and whacking him while hes still on his back.

Loopy3953d ago

Shut up.
Golf is awesome.
Go play your video game baby kid.

YoMeViet3953d ago

golf is for old men with nothing better to do