A Sony PlayStation 3 recovery?

Cutting prices often stimulates demand. It seems to be working for the Sony PlayStation 3 at least for now. According to The Wall Street Journal in Japan "unit sales of the PS3 exceeded those of Nintendo's Wii for the first time in the week ended Nov. 11." There is some evidence that the PS3 is doing better in the US as well.

But, the up-tick may not last. The Nintendo Wii is still a runaway success. There may be a shortage of the game consoles at Christmas because Nintendo cannot keep up with demand. But, that problem will only last so long and the Wii will be back on shelves everywhere.

Microsoft sill has a secret weapon for selling its Xbox 360. The astonishingly popular "Halo 3" game is driving sales of the 360 console, and that product appears to have "legs" Sony does not have a comparable game that is available exclusively for the PS3.

So, Sony may get lucky and the price cut on the PS3 may keep sales relatively high. Or, it could just be a mirage brought on by bargain hunters.

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rofldings3918d ago

Another Doomsday PS3 blog brought to you by xbots with nothing to do after sending their 3shitty in for repairs.

BigPappaPump3918d ago

Does not have a comparable game available exclusively for the ps3? Obvlously he just missed out Uncharted Drake's Fortune.

wAtdaFck3918d ago

I think they meant hype-wise. Consumers don't care if a game is AAA, only if its hero is plastered on every soda bottle.

actas1233918d ago

This article is "lacking information". Its like saying the inside of a water melon is red...

dhammalama3918d ago

I truthfully haven't read the article, but that's a great analogy.


Drakes Fortune? Ratchet and Clank?

but 2008 the only exclusives that are worth something will be on ps3 and will trash halo 3, even with all its marketing

The Maverick3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Being a self confessed xbot, even i do not see the relevance of this article being anything more then to start a flame war, all of the points it has raised have already been brought forward and now Halo to me anyway is nothing but a memmory- im loving cod4- and as much as it burns my throat to say it, the PS3 is starting to get a decent selection of games, though i still think that MGS and final fantsy will still come to 360, the last comment is a wish please do not flame - or else

Maddens Raiders3918d ago

but there are only a (((few))) Bots like yourself here. Respect, from me to you and keep up the level-headed comments dude.

cmrbe3918d ago

You said good things about the PS3 but the fact that you are open minded that i agreed with you. More xbox fans should be like you and vice versa.

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The story is too old to be commented.