Ninja Gaiden 2 is a bloodfest

Kotaku writes:

"Ninja Gaiden II isn't about difficulty. It's not about timing, it's not about precision, it's not about the controls. Well, it might be all those things, but they're not the star attraction. No, that role looks like going to the game's BLOOD. The buckets and buckets and buckets of BLOOD. Oh, so, so much BLOOD. Why the capitalisation? Look at that screenshot up there. "Blood" just doesn't cut it anymore."

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power of Green 3951d ago

I wouldn't read to much into anybodies opinion about this title right now..

"TI: Yeah you'll see things like that. The enemy A.I. is currently around 30% of what we're aiming for. And we still haven't touched any of those teamwork type elements where enemies work together so I think you're going to see that improve greatly as we go along. What we're aiming for with the first demo here is to show that the game is focused on the subject of violence. But we don't want to do violence for violence's sake. We want to show that the gore and violence in the game has an impact on the gameplay and that the two are very highly interconnected. It's not just about lopping off arms. It has an effect on what the enemies do and how the battles play out."

Can I have my bubble back not enough 360 fans on this site in the last few days I commented 5 or 6 times and they drained my buubles.

The Maverick3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Ninja gaiden 2, who says the 360 has nothing left, this with the right hype could almost match halo, and in terms of gameplay, and graphics more or less surpass it, you never know sony fans you might just get the honour of playing it on your PS4s providing there are any

Right u are NG2 FTW- f**K yeah

Skerj3951d ago

1) It's published by MS so that version on a Sony system, not happening.
2) It looks like Sigma with more blood.
3) Don't bring up a PS4 of a Xbox 720, the current gen of consoles haven't even been tapped yet and people are already talking about the next systems.

Evil0Angel3951d ago

NINJA GAIDEN FOR LIFE(ofcourse 360 version)

mesh13947d ago

ninja gaiden 2 no doubt will nbe an amazing hack and slash with depth but i think games like too human will surpass this game MAS EFFECT GOTY 2007 man i just had to mention mass effect godd the story line is sickly just finished navaria/feroas and amazed witht he story of thsi game WOW

MK_Red3951d ago

BLOOD FTW! Ninja Gaiden 2 may not be the graphical monster the original was on Xbox 1 but the new NG2 has insanely awesome and cool blood & gore effects and that's more than a huge plus in my book. That's one of the reasons I love M rated games. NG2 FTW!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3950d ago

Truthfully I don't really care for blood. But, I know for a fact this game is gonna kick ass.

As long as it doesn't splatter all over the screen and i can't see anything, I will be happy.

Skerj3951d ago

I'm heard that the Black Spider Clan are in abundance here, oooh I hated those bastards in NG/B/S. I am however glad they got rid of that ghost fish nonsense.

BloodySinner3951d ago

Those things were easy to avoid with the Dragon Sword.

Skerj3951d ago

Yeah I learned how to kick their asses after the first time they unexpectedly beat the crap out of me. Only thing I hated was the unblockable exploding dagger they throw, so I had to resort to frame watching so I can know when to dodge. I know combat's deep in a game when I have to pay attention to attack animations.

iNcRiMiNaTi3951d ago

some people say its looks like sigma but i never played that game so this one will prolly be my 1st next gen NG game and i cant wait

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