Need for Speed: The Run Multiplayer Hotness

Back in September, ITF Gaming had a crack at the latest upcoming racing title Need for Speed: The Run at the EA office in Johannesburg, South Africa. NFS: The Run just seems to look better and better every time we see it. So, we thought we would tease you with the multiplayer trailer and some tasty looking screenshots.

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sonysmashbros2574d ago

Those screens look nice. Since I haven't played an NFS game in a while this might be worth checking out.

Me-Time2573d ago

Rent it first. I was interested, but then someone said something and yea. I would rent it first.

Godchild10202573d ago

I have a reason to think, why should I listen to you. What did that someone say? Why should I waste my time renting it, if it's as you say. More or less I think the demo would help with making the choice. I, for one will be buying day one.