9 Surprising Movie References in Uncharted 3

GamePro examines some of the scenes that (probably) inspired many of the most cinematic sequences in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

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DarkBlood2595d ago

what about the (of mice and men) reference lol?

deadpoole2595d ago

yea sure ... now Im waitin someone figurin out movie refrences used in movies used for Uncharted 3 ... yup and we keep goin in round and round and round ... :)

MaxXAttaxX2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

rather than references.

The cargo plane sequence resembled a James Bond movie more than Indy.
For some reason people immediately go to Indiana Jones for reference(as if original in the first place lol).

And some of these are lame.
A cruise ship sinking was just a ship sinking, only a lot more epic. Hardly a reference.
And walking through the desert is just that, walking through the desert. Also hardly considered a reference.

If someone took the time to do this for every game, then EVERYTHING in every game would be a reference to ANYTHING that's ever existed.

IMO Uncharted just does it in a much more epic way.

SageHonor2595d ago

Which uncharted 3 chapter had that reference?

DarkBlood2595d ago

assuming your past the cutter and chole parts

its after cutter chokes drake just somewhere at the start of the crypt

Jayjayff2595d ago

What about the name of the boat "The Seaward" might be a reference to Arrested Development.

AbNoRmaL__aGenT2595d ago

I was just about to mention that lol "what are you gonna do next point a gun at my head and tell me about the rabbits?"

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jammy_702595d ago

Search for Rik Makarem (uk soap actor) he should play drake looks just like him!

Relientk772595d ago

Most of the references are from Indiana Jones


TheDivine2595d ago

Rescuing sully was ripped right out of The Last Cusade.
The quicksand part was very reminiscent of the end of The Last Crusade.
The crypt was right out of The Last Crusade.
The flashback was like the beginning of The Last Crusade. Fighing the big guy on the plane really reminded me of when indy fought the big guy under the plane in Riaders of the Lost Ark.

I noticed all these myself, glad im not the only one who thought it mirrored those films. On one hand i love indiana jones so it was pure awesome and very nostalgic but on the other hand it was borderline ripoff. I guess ND wanted to make a few nod's to the adventure films that inspired them.

ChocolateGiddyUp2595d ago

Raiders of the Lost Ark? I don't know about that. There's about a million things this game took from The Last Crusade, but the cargo plane sequence was definitely straight out of The Living Daylights.

There's a boat in the shipyard named "The Seaward" - there's an Arrested Development reference for you.

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