Get Modern Warfare 3 For Free When You Swap A Selected Game

JB Hi Fi in Australia is offering a sweet deal for Call of Duty fans as you can get Modern Warfare 3 free when you swap one of the selected games on the list.

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ikkokucrisis2600d ago

omg, i wish they had this deal here in the states!

Hazmat132600d ago

wtf i click on the link and a porn came up.

farhad2k82599d ago

LOL at the BF3 fanboys who disagree'd my comment.
You simply do not have a life, all of you. :)
Think of it to yourself for a minute. You amuse me. LOLZ.

Laxman2599d ago

They dont have a life because they disagreed with a comment you posted? You're the one spending more time posting a comment, then coming back the next day to check your agrees/disagrees and posting another comment in retrospect to them. And yet, they are the ones with no life?

Think of it to yourself for a minute. You amuse me. LOLZ.

GameGuy2600d ago

I'd swap my girlfriend if I had one.

guitarded772600d ago

I'd swap your girlfriend if you had one.

Laxman2600d ago

Its awesome becuase you can buy most of those games from JB or EB's second hand bins for like 60 bucks. Sucks I dont have a JB in a 250km radius of me...

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