Buggy Torso Man Will Make You Say, "Oh Shit!"

Kotaku - Glitches and bugs are a part of life when games launch. Since they can be patched via download, don't think of them as negatives, early adaptors, but features. Delicious features that can provide enjoyment.

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Pandamobile2480d ago

Haha that's kinda creepy.

Dante1122480d ago

Ha, reminds me of the glitch in BF3. There was a similar one when someone went prone too.

DatNJDom812479d ago

yawn kotaku...... Its selling well. Just live it and move on.

MaxXAttaxX2479d ago

How is this even.... ah never mind.

downwardspiral2479d ago

lol, reminds me of the cougar man from red dead redemption.

Blastoise2479d ago

I came here to mention the donkey lady from red dead redemption but you beat me too it! lol such a funny glitch

2EHO2479d ago

Wow uncharted 3 the best game in histroy of gaming has a glitch.

rumplstilts2479d ago

This comment is an anomaly. People who love and people who hate Uncharted 3 will disagree with it.

I think this is some sort of event.

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The story is too old to be commented.