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Unboxed: Origin Genesis $6999 gaming PC (PCA)

PCA: So, what does $7k worth of custom-built Origin gaming PC get you? (PC)

spankipants  +   1396d ago
Do want!
ATi_Elite  +   1396d ago
No way would i pay $7000 for that.

Core i7 980, GTX 580 SLi, 2 Corsair 60gb Raid O, Asus ROG Rampage II Mobo, Liquid cooled CPu, i stopped looking at specs right there cause that's not worth $7000 and you can do faster and cheaper

Core i7 2700K, GTX 580 SLi, 1 Corsair 120gb SSD, Asus Revolution mobo, liquid cooling, blah blah blah....

i just saved you about $750 swapping out CPu and MObo and the 2700K is faster than a 980!
hiredhelp  +   1396d ago
Shoot just did a disagree ATi was meant to be a. Agree.
drosera1  +   1396d ago
Agreed, this computer is a rip-off. No-one needs 24GB of RAM either, not even if you're doing high-end renders. 12GB is more than enough. And it's a non Sandy-Bridge system, AT THAT PRICE! Please.
Projekt7tuning  +   1396d ago
And its already out dated in 3,2,1 "Doh" lol.

I've Been buying Mid high-end stuff lately. It doesn't hurt as much when a month or two later Something way faster comes out. Like Buying a i5 2500k vs i7 2600k. The money saved is worth it. It's better to invest in a good video card setup, and save a few bucks.
Motorola  +   1395d ago
Yeah dude I heard good things about the 2700k.
ChrisW  +   1396d ago
Dude! Image #13 is the only reason why I'd spend that much on a PC!!!
ATi_Elite  +   1395d ago
Image #13 was a picture of a DVD/CD combo drive. I checked 3 times to make sure what image 13 was.....DVD/CD burners are $20 bucks!

under the picture they say a Blu-ray Drive will set you back $180 which is total CRAP cause a quality Blu-ray burner is $99.

So please clarify what image you were talking about that would cause you to spend $7000 on a PC. I'm just curious as to what feature you really like about that PC......if it is a Burner then you must rip/burn movies a lot i take it.
ChrisW  +   1395d ago

Do I really need to put "SARCASM" in flashing neon lights for that one?!?
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GamersRulz  +   1396d ago
Don't care!
caboose32  +   1396d ago
You clearly care enough to comment.
GamersRulz  +   1396d ago
all I wanted is trying to be funny, but seems like I failed miserably XD
caboose32  +   1396d ago
Oh snap, my bad. I thought you were just trying to be a jerk face.
zeal0us  +   1396d ago
You can built one cheaper and still can play BF3 on some decent setting. If you got money to blow then by all means go ahead.
hiredhelp  +   1396d ago
7k jaw on floor powersupply unknown with crappy origin over the top. Even the corsair water cool isnt the top. For that price could easyly buy full water system.
Not even a gtx590 We. Still talking 7k here? WoW ive not read the specs just by going by the pictures i can see this is not worth 7k
VGA being most expensive in that system add the rest a rough total in my head be what 3k max ?? Very max
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ATi_Elite  +   1395d ago
for that price you could run dual GTX590's with water blocks on the CPU and both GPU's.

plus get a 30" monitor.

7K for that is certified wallet rape.
Saryk  +   1396d ago
I have a computer at the house that i'll sell for 250k!
C_Menz  +   1396d ago
People are forgetting that the black wooden box costs $2,000... So of course it is more than what it would cost you to simply buy the parts and spend 1 hour connecting them all.
Alos88  +   1396d ago
My initial reaction to the title was "7K for a Sega Genesis not even with it's box? What is this guy on?"
Szarky  +   1396d ago
Haha same.
GrumpyVeteran  +   1396d ago
Haha damn that's such a rip off, you could get a more powerful system for less if you built it yourself.

Damn premiums.
renegade  +   1396d ago
I can build one like that and i will never exceed 3000 dollars.
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rello91  +   1396d ago
Yeah pc guys are so cool
$7000 lol
drosera1  +   1396d ago
Oh shut up. By spending US $1600 you can build a PC, including 24 inch monitor and operating system, that will vomit on both leading consoles. Don't be ignorant child, you come across as utterly stupid. And, i own a PS3 and love it, for it's exclusives, i'm no PC elitist.
gatormatt80  +   1396d ago
For that price it better vomit on all leading consoles. I can buy a 46 to 50 inch samsung 3d tv and any of the leading consoles at that price.
rello91  +   1394d ago
Your opinion is irrelevant
AllroundGamer  +   1396d ago
Origin PC? :D will this collect all your passwords and then sent them to Origin? :)
Ricksta_13  +   1396d ago
think i'll just stick wid my 300 quid ps3 :-P
TABSF  +   1396d ago
Would never be worth $7,000 its a joke.
For the spec I could build it for about $2,800 at a push

If you went to someone else (not Origin/Alienware) your probably looking around $3,500 any more and they are money grabbing jokers.

Plus there is no point going Intel Core i7 990x since LGA1336 is dead, LGA1155 and LGA2011 are the only ones future proof.

Like ATi_Elite said just change the CPU and motherboard. You can save $580 on the CPU alone and its better at games.
BlmThug  +   1396d ago
I managed to get the Total to: $40,888.00 without shipping :O
360ICE  +   1396d ago
Haha, awesome!
A gaming PC, what a great tribute to the 80's /early 90's
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caboose32  +   1396d ago
It's almost like your'e trying to be funny, but without the funny part.

Don't know how you do it.
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360ICE  +   1395d ago
And it's exactly like I am funny with the funny part.

Don't know how I do it either.
Tommykrem  +   1395d ago
Oh please :P
Will you be saying "That's so funny I forgot to laugh next"? Just scroll past his comment instead of answering with lame clichés that makes his comment look clever by comparison. At least his comment was sort of absurd. That's something.
hiredhelp  +   1395d ago
360ICE. It took a computer to program the first arcade machine program Witch then became the first console.

Try dabs.com,novatech also good dude and im sure you know about ebuyer.
Overclockers too expensive, aria is ok. Myself i buy were its cheapest from one of these with free delivery when possible.
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thewhoopimen  +   1396d ago
That's $7000 id rather spend on a mac even... At least I can blow money on something people know I busted. To the average layman that looks like any ol' full tower pc.
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zero_gamer  +   1396d ago
I can likely spend less money and buy a computer that outperform this thing, a Wii U, a PS4, a 720, a 3DS, and a Vita. An utter waste of valuable cash in my book.
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LNDCalling  +   1396d ago
Intel Core i7 2700K - Overclocked to 4.7Ghz
Corsair Hydro H100
Asus ROG maximum IV Extreme Z Intel Z68
8Gb (2x 4Gb) Cosair Vengance

Bundle price:- £724.54 inc VAT


ThermalTake Level 10 GT
£198.12 inc VAT

800W PSU, Enermax Modu 87+ EMG800EWT LOT6,
£182.16 inc VAT

LG, 10x Blu-ray Writer, 16x DVD±R, 8x +RW, 6x -RW, 12x RAM
£63.58 inc VAT

Samsung SH-S222AL/RSMS 22x DVD±R, 12x DVD±R, DVD+RW x8/-RW
£17.58 inc VAT

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit SP1 Operating System, Single, - OEM
£142.88 inc VAT

120GB Corsair Force Series GT, SATA III SSD, SandForce
£169.34 inc VAT

NEW 3TB Hitachi 0S03230 Deskstar 5K3000 SATA 6Gb/s
£167.96 inc VAT

2 X 1536MB EVGA GTX 580 SC,
£791.00 inc VAT

Total Build price:- GBP2,473.93 inc VAT (USD 3,964.63)


The above wipes the floor with this IMO and is USD3k cheaper, even then this is being extreme and could be done much much cheaper!...

Above is my initial 'next build' specs :D
blackhammer  +   1396d ago
Too much poowwaaaa!
EDD213  +   1396d ago
That is indeed way overpriced. Soon as he said 6 x4 ram's i was like yeah.........Fail
I_am_Batman  +   1395d ago
"Hey look at my great PC. It't the best one aviliable and I paid 6999$ for it!"

3 years later: "Oh shoot. All my friends have better PC now and they only paid 1000$ for it."

Don't wan't to be an ass but if you pay that much for a PC you must be dumb. Electronics lose price very fast so you should never buy the top notch of high end hardware. You could have compareable power for a much cheaper price anyway.

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