Skyrim Dragon Armor: Locked to Smithing or available for everyone?

Product-Reviews writes: Is there a possibilty that Bethesda has made the strongest armor available in the game, to only those that decide to level up Smithing? It means that for those that choose to level up other skills in the game and are not concerned about Smithing, may miss out on the chance to use it in the game.

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rdgneoz32537d ago

As another article stated, whats the point of leveling up smithing if you can just get the armor else where. There would be no incentive to actually level it in the first place. People tend to expect that if you level something up high enough, you get some nice bonuses from it.

TheWolverine2537d ago

Its nice knowing if i spend my time earning this perk, others won't just find the armor in a cave or buy it DLC and circumvent my effort. Kudos Bethesda.

Canary2537d ago

I kind of doubt it will take much time. Bethesda has stated several times that leveling is pretty fast in Skyrim--hell, I've heard you get something like 3-5 levels in the opening/tutorial dungeon area alone.

And even if that weren't true, I'm sure there'll be a fairly versatile character-editor mod within a week.

tr00p3r2537d ago

You just reminded me of summoning scamps in Oblivion just to blow them away with low-level destruction spells in order to level it up

Canary2537d ago

The hell? People ground levels in Oblivion? That's... that's the stupidest thing I've heard all day.

Then again, it's only 2AM.

Still, goddamn. I don't even know where to start: the fact that Oblivion is crazy-easy no matter where you are, or that leveling up actually makes the game harder (such that it is) or should I just keep silent and let the stupidity speak for itself?

Captain Qwark 92537d ago

@the wolverine

i agree, you should get the bonus such as that.

@canary, i dont think leveling the smithing skill will be very easy. if its like the other elder scrolls games than you need to actually use the skill to level it which means creating many armors which means many materials.

Bolts2537d ago

Completely meaningless. Late level tankmage characters in Elder Scrolls are so overpowered that having access to this armor will be trivial. If you're on the PC this armor will probably be available for download within the first week.


I don't mind, but I hope other skills have rewards of similar or equal value when you level them up.

Like a mega sword for leveling warrior skills. Or a dragon staff for spell casting or something like that.

Vettur2537d ago

Is this the armour that dorvakiin uses?