Poor reception for UK iPhone users

UK Apple iPhone users are having problems connecting to O2's mobile phone network.

The problem is most likely related to the battery of the Apple iPhone. When the battery is newly charged, signal strength goes up so these people could probably boost up their signal strength by charging their Apple iPhone, Information Week reports.

The problems have been aired by some 100 Apple iPhone users, posting replies on an Apple iPhone discussion forum relating to reception problems.

The first complaint was posted just two days after the Apple iPhone went on sale in the UK on 9 November.

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predator3529d ago

as i sed, i think ill wait for the 2nd gen, to many problems

BlackCountryBob3529d ago

For me the phone isn't a problem, it looks a great piece of kit but it will be a cold day in hell before I pay £270 for a phone and then pay £35 for quite possibly the worst contract ever conceived. I'd pay £270 if it were PAYG but if its on contract I don't wanna know unless the phone is free.

Apple need to drop this stupidity of wanting a cut of the contract profits, don't they make enough money from the hardware, especially considering that UK users basically pay double USA for the same kit.

Danja3529d ago

or the Playstation

mighty_douche3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

had one, and returned if a few days later.

while it certainly looks the nuts, in reality its about as functional/practical as a wet carrot.

IntelligentAj3529d ago

Let this problem persist so the Apple loses the footing it gained in the US

AnalFace3529d ago

O2 is a crap deal. It should have gone to vodafone!

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