Infinity Ward Has Full Control in Banning MW3 Players

Robert Bowling let everyone know that IW has the ban hammer ready and they aren't afraid to use it.

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zeal0us2515d ago

Something telling me hackers will still get away with it(hacking).

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frankiebeans2515d ago

i want to see the it happen i hate that i have no chance a a top spot on the leader boards in any game because all that cheating crap i think i can be in the top 10 if they control it.

GamingManiac2515d ago

What are your stats in the previous games?

Norad62515d ago

...and the first order of business is banning every Battlefield fanboy. LOL I wouldn't care. I having a lot of fun playing 32vs32 Conquest on my PC. Plus with Skyrim and Saint's Row The Third almost here, there is no time for MW3.

Jake_the_Dog2515d ago

How about taking QS out so people stop playing the game like little bitches.

Brash_Attack2515d ago

I agree a billion times. Scrap the auto-shotty too while youre at it.