Nintendo Turning Wii Mote Into a Touch Screen

First we had the second circle pad attached to the 3DS. Next, Nintendo announced that they were making a steering wheel peripheral for the 3DS. Now, we have Nintendo making it so that the Wii Mote can become a touch screen. Using the power of Mirrors, they are going to use beams to make the Wii Mote respond to the really large add on thing that they have patented.

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GirlyGamer2600d ago

Ummm... I doubt this is true for some reason

hazelamy2600d ago

it's probably true but it's just one of many speculative patents companies like nintendo, ms and sony hold.
most of them will never get produced.

potedude2600d ago

This sounds kinda cool. But it will probably be cool for five minutes and then be boring. A lot like all of the rest of Nintendo's stuff. Still, innovation is always a good thing.

Wouldn't mind more than blueprints of the peripheral though, its a bit of a far-off call to be commenting on it now before its even confirmed to be released...

HardCover2600d ago

Didn't they also patent a teddy bear and bicycle peripheral for the Wiimote a while ago? I recall reading an article about how Nintendo had a bunch of wild stuff patented just in case, or whatever.

MoXxXi2600d ago

This is true. They also pattented that whole Wii Lights apparatus, and we never really saw that. I just dont understand why they feel the need to keep patenting these damn peripherals

Khordchange2600d ago

just in case they want to use them, or possibly sue another company lol

I mean apple does it all the time, they are trying to sue companies for using the slide feature XD