Games "lack the wow factor" says Katamari creator

Katamari creator Keita Takahashi is feeling a bit down on games right now. So much so that he might leave games altogether and go off and find something new to do. But that's another story.

Speaking about creativity in a recent interview, Takahashi told CVG, "Defining the word creativity is difficult in a sense. Even the likes of God of War, for instance, it is really well made. It's a great graphic game with an interesting story. It's not fair to tell them that their games have no creativity. Having said that I do feel many games do lack the wow factor in a sense. Something that you feel very surprised by."

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ravinash3956d ago

Mind you, if hes the one making the games, then surely he can make it as creative as he likes.
this day and age people are pretty numb about things like graphics and sound because its always getting better, so there is nothing different there.
The only way to be original to to make a totally new game...but if you do that, you can't be sure that its going to sell.

Bonsai12143956d ago

i simply love this guy. he's either stoned or crazy when he gives his interviews.

i disagree with him on the wow scale though, because games like ICO, SotC, ZOE2's large scale battle, left a profound mark on me and what i think a game should be like.

i haven't even reached the "twist" in uncharted yet, and that game's wowed me because it blends so many different aspects of games together so well.

InMyOpinion3956d ago

The wow-factor of PS2 graphics on a next-gen console?

MK_Red3956d ago

I think Psychonauts was the game with real creativity and WOW factor. Sadly, most people missed it.

name3956d ago

I dunno, I said wow playing Crysis and Uncharted a few times.

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