Double Dribble, Ecco Jr & Vegas Stakes added to Wii Virtual Console

From the article: "Nintendo has come through this week by dropping the fantastic basketball game Double Dribble onto the VC along with the underappreciated gambling sim Vegas Stakes. Sega rounds out the week with Ecco Jr., annother entry from a favorite series."

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Marceles3951d ago

Gotta love Double Dribble...I'd love it more if it wasn't on my PSP already.

Skerj3951d ago

OMFG Double Dribble!! Dude that game was the man back in the day, remember the 3 frame animation when you do a dunk? It was like the coolest thing ever, all we did was dunk. I got it on my PSP too, I should play it now. Only NES games I was playing were Double Dragon 2&3, River City Ransom, and Star Tropics 1&2. Speaking of Star Tropics, I wonder why Nintendo doesn't bring that back. They came out near the end of the NES lifecycle so they didn't get the exposure they should have.