StarCraft 2 vs Diablo 3: Which Is More Popular? (Analysis)

TGR: We're going on full scale analyzing Blizzard's two most popular titles: Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3, finding the reason why D3 will become even more explosive on its release next year.

On this discussion, we'll use the data accumulated and reception received by both games (previous titles) to determine a coherent analysis.

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StayStatic2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Probably diablo because of accessibility , starcraft is hardcore and can't wait to hit them both properly when i get time :P

linaavec2538d ago

RPG's most anticipate game next year to say the least!

Relientk772538d ago

I dont think it neccessarily matters, its more of opinion, the games are two different genres.

My personal pick is the Diablo franchise. I love it and it is my favorite franchise on the PC

Ramas2538d ago

for me good old warcraft 3 is better then starcraft or diablo :)

Relientk772538d ago

Warcraft 3 is amazing. Diablo is my fav, but Warcraft 3 is my 2nd. A totally fantastic game.

josephps32538d ago

If you're Korean then Starcraft. I think they've got a Starcraft gene in their DNA. Its a national sport over there. Best players are as popular as movie stars lol

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