Skyrim – 8 Reasons to Get Super Excited

MMGN: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is only a week away. After years of patiently waiting, it’s time to allow excitement to overpower better judgement over the next seven days, like a kid with a chocolate-filled advent calendar, as we countdown to 11.11.11.

Fans of The Elder Scrolls will needless to say already have an expanse of reasons to buy a stunning collector’s edition next Friday. Just in case you need reminding, here’s eight reasons to get super excited for Skyrim a week out from release.

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Bigpappy2598d ago

If your are not already excited to play this game, you should not bother with it and get COD instead.

potedude2598d ago

The problem is getting time. There are so many big releases out at the moment and a game like Skyrim is very time heavy so something has to suffer.

Maybe my wife needs to go...

Tanir2597d ago

lol about your wife.

well i agree with you, i loved oblivion, but after getting 100+ hours in it and only closing the 1st oblivion gate i was like......."ok oblivion gates are boring....hey new game came out....wait 20 new games came out! wtf, Bye oblivion!"

skyrim looks awesome, but besides the time constraints, im not dumb enough to buy this game knowing in a few months the GOTY edition will come out.

on that note im pretending the game doesnt release for another year lol. so eagerly waiting for a year to pass.

oh and not really calling people dumb. if this is ur Number 1 anticipated game then hey buy it day 1 like u will and buy all the dlc as it comes. no prob with that. I was just sayin for myself

NukaCola2597d ago

I agree with you two (not BigPappy's remark). I am getting SKYRIM, but unlike Fallout New Vegas, there is sometime to dedicate to it. I still havent completed everything I wanted in FNV because about 20 games came out since I got it. I am finishing Uncharted 3, then putting all my time into Skyrim. Renting COD eventually. I will play Zelda though. And I am skipping AC Rev since I missed the 2nd one (Brotherhood, I loved and platinumed AC2) in the Ezio Trilogy. I don't know when Mass 3 comes out, but I am pretty sure all of Dec and Jan is enough to get the most out of ES V before I start trying new things.

SNap! I forgot I am still playing Arkham too. Damn, I guess time is a big deal. 2011 is a phenomenal year for gaming and from Mass 2 on PS3 though Skyward Sword, every month has had a winner or two, OR THREE! But it just seems like there are too many games for me to get to. Skipped too many this year and still had a full packed year through and through.

inveni02597d ago

I'm getting this even though I have ZERO time (work from home as a programmer with a client's iPad app due by the end of December and an iOS game due December 1st, all while taking care of a 2-month old baby). I'll dive in here and there when I can. Hopefully I can still fully appreciate it.

StayStatic2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

LMAO =D +1

I understand your pain caused by lack of time xD

So annoying all these awesome releases coming out around the same time while ive just started final year uni and have much less time to play games.

Managed to squeeze in a little BF3 though :)

RedDead2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Dunno< igot bored of Oblivion before I finished everything and still ut over a hundred hours into one play through. Same with MW, same with Fallout NV. It's well worth the playthrough anyway, even if ya don't finish it completely, Not finishing it leave some more stuff to do when you play it again but are in the mood to be an Assassin instead of a Gandalf

Dark withness down there, I agree, I like Cod, but I HATE how Acti go about it. I hate how the games vary very littleyear after year etc, I still like them though but it's the principle now that I ain't getting it day 1, probably pre owned :), That way Acti lose and I win

megacowdung2597d ago

"Maybe my wife needs to go..."
+100hrs for gaming

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JonahNL2597d ago

Why Call of Duty? What does that game have to do with Skyrim? Really now...

TheFreak2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

cod it is then weeeeeee

icecoldfire2597d ago

Your GamerPicture Says It All............

GrumpyVeteran2597d ago

ok. I wasn't too sure about Skyrim yet, but since you said I'd be better off COD I'll get it instead of skyrim



I find it hard to call myself a cod fan these days because I kind of hate what it stands for, having said that I have bought all the cod games up until now.

this year is the first time I won't be getting MW3 day one, and for once I really don't care, i mean my mind is not giving it a second thought. Skyrim is all I need and all I want.

Blackdeath_6632597d ago

the leveling system is what made me intrested. the thing with skyrim is that its single player and gets cheaper over time, multiplayer games have more of a priority imo than skyrim cus i can get skyrim in my own time in the summer maybe or at christmas. i am going to take a gamble in that im going to sacrifice fifa12 uncharted =( and BF3 so i can get this game.


I have a ps3 and 360, I do agree that multiplayer games hold their value better thats for sure but a game Like skyrim is a game I prob wont be getting rid of anyway.

Till this day I still have Oblivion even though I only played it through once.

I could be picking up AC Revelations, Uncharted 3, Saints Row 3rd etc, but of all those single player games, Skyrim is the one I think I will get the most value from as a single player game so buying it new and full price is my way of supporting the devs.

In others are great, they I am more willing to pick them up later on down the line because I know I won't spend as much time playing and finishing them.

next year there will be more great games to play, I don't want to have a massive rpg taking up months of my gaming time then. Games like uncharted and AC are games I can finish in a weekend and I am done with them.

for me skyrim is the one to play now and that will take me well into next year.

SuperSaiyan42597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I will be getting MW3 and Skyrim, its refreshing when a game comes out when a developer has put tons of effort into making and lasts longer than 9hrs...

PetitPiPi2597d ago

Same. I'm getting both. Time will be an issue though.

I like how Bigpappy assumes gamers can only afford one game.

Canary2597d ago

You seem to think Skyrim is somehow less of a casual game than Call of Duty.

It's not.

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JonahNL2597d ago

I only need one reason: it's friggin' Skyrim!

codename132597d ago

I was goin to say exactly this one now. :D

Maester072597d ago

I had a tough time deciding between Skyrim and Batman since I love both series, but I eventually chose Skyrim because of how much replay value I can get - by the time I get tired of it Arkham City will most likely be £15 or less for the PC. Can't wait for it, although I am going to try and balance my real life and 'game' life more than I did with Oblivion.

I spent far too many hours into that game when I should have spent them on my girlfriend. Lessons you learn as you become a mature gamer I guess. Can't wait for the 10th though.

josephps32597d ago

Yeah a GOTY Skyrim is 100% but that will probably be a more than a year from now and not months. Didn't it take at least a year for GOTY Oblivion to come out?

Skyrim is one game where you can easily put 100+hours and more. There is so much value in this game. If you can only afford one game to last you for a long time Skyrim is one of those games. Dark Souls is probably second but Skyrim has more of a story and it isn't so "punishing".

Saryk2597d ago

I can't wait for the mods. I am going to wait awhile before I buy this game, the temptation is hard, but I have tons of games that haven't been played.

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