Halo Reach is now only $19.99

CG - "If you are a Halo fan, or a FPS fan at all, and have not yet picked up Halo Reach, you now have no excuses. You owe it to Master Chief!"

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spicelicka2479d ago

i can't imagine anyone who hasn't.....DO IT NOWWW

EVILDEAD3602479d ago

Lol @ the article link taking you to Halo Reach with a price of $27.99.

Guess it didn't get approved fast enough.

Great deal regardless at 30 bucks+ w/ shipping


epicdestroy2479d ago

Dang...sorry about that. Yah it didn't get approved fast enough.

Venjense2479d ago

Such an amazing game, better than Anniversary which wil be more expensive.