This Sure Looks Like the Title Screen to the Next Alan Wake

Earlier today we got confirmation that the next Alan Wake will indeed be downloadable, and that more details will be revealed at the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards.

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TheBlackMask2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Arcade Action....Leaderboards

OMG....have they added online :(

First it's a downloadable title not a sequel and now it could have online tacked on....great ¬¬

WTF is wrong with Microsoft they treat this franchise like sh*t

BiggCMan2594d ago

I don't think so, Alan Wake had a leaderboard thingy of sorts that only compared gamerscores if I remember correctly. This doesn't mean multiplayer at all. I mean it's possible I suppose, albeit stupid. Just doesn't fit this game at all.

ApplEaglElephant2594d ago

"WTF is wrong with Microsoft they treat this franchise like sh*t"

i think you already know why. MS practically abandoned hardcore gamers. they hardly care about hardcore exclusives.

vishant1012594d ago

This will stop the game being pirated to sh*t alan wake sold a tad over a million copies but the actual number of people that have played it is above three to four million this is because alan wake was pirated more then it sold and that a lot of people saw it as a sp game so they gave it a rental or borrowed it from a mate

gotgame19852594d ago

I wish microsoft would buy them and treat this ip like it was gears or halo, it could have been one of the biggest exclusives this gen if they would but more advertising behind it. I know it would be at least as big as fable or bigger.

BiggCMan2594d ago

If MS buys Remedy, they will destroy the game. Force in a dumb multiplayer, make the whole game more action oriented than it is, and have a garbage story and atmosphere.

xPhearR3dx2594d ago

And this is proven in what previous first party titles?

gotgame19852594d ago

I strongly disagree, if you read Phil Spencer interview when they bought twisted pixel he said microsoft will now have a hands of relationship with their studios and give them more creative freedom. while I'm sure they would want kenict apart of all their games I think it is up to the developer to as how much it is used. do you think they can really turn this from a erie horror game to a action game? this is not mass effect.

palaeomerus2594d ago

"More action oriented than it is"? Dude, it's a third person shooter with normal civilian weapons, a dodge mechanic, light becoming a weapon as a gimmick, and very simple vertical platforming puzzles.

Be honest, you never even played it did you? You just assumed that it was like a Silent Hill game or something.

Hazmat132594d ago

when i got my 360 first games i got was Halo 3 and alan wake both were very fun i would love to see a new one.

gotgame19852594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

microsoft buy remedy please, And don't turn them into a kenict only studio.

A7XEric2594d ago

Seriously a downloadable sequel? Stupid as hell. There goes any chance at a AAA multimillion dollar budget first party exclusive.

GameOn2594d ago

It will also be protected from piracy.

gotgame19852594d ago

this is not a sequal but mor of a spinn off kinda like halo wars or that ifamous vampire download.

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The story is too old to be commented.