CNET Crave's Top 10 Terrible Tech Products

A year never goes by without someone inventing something hilariously useless. Over the next ten pages, CNET Crave will take you on a guided tour of disastrous tech products, the gadgets and concepts CNET Crave felt really surpassed themselves in being utterly crapulous. Many of these travesties aimed to reinvent the wheel, but were plagued by huge dollops of fail. Speaking of which...

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Zhuk3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I have found Vista to be a great OS and a worthy successor to XP, once SP1 comes out there will be no excuse not to upgrade.

mighty_douche3887d ago

i have the 64bit edition and finding compatible software is a pain in the ass.

remember just because you like the 360 doesnt mean you have to support EVERYTHING with a M$ logo on it

BloodySinner3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

"have the 64bit edition and finding compatible software is a pain in the ass."

How do you think Windows XP started? Hell, how do you think the previous installments of Windows started? It just takes time. Eventually, everyone will be forced to make the Vista upgrade and there will be more support for it.

However, I'll have to agree with CNET on this one. There is really no point of upgrading to it, yet...

mighty_douche3887d ago

thanks mate, i didnt realise that XP had problems at release to....

that kind of my point, you shouldnt release something as large as vista without the correct testing, pushing it down peoples necks by only making vista available on new PC M$ basically gets us to do their testing for them. yes i know things will get better, yes i know it takes time for support to grow, but i know as it stands NOW, vista (especailly 64) is a pile of pants, sure it looks pretty but its about a fuctional as an operating system as a wet carrot!

BloodySinner3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Microsoft had Windows XP running on new PCs back then, so how is this any different? You can complain all you want now just like many others did about XP when it was released. So it doesn't make a difference.

IntelligentAj3887d ago

Yeah I think Vista gets a bad rap for little reasons. I have it running on my laptop(dual boot with XP of course) and it runs fine. I'm not thrilled about Aero because it eats up alot of memory but there are alot of very cool things about Vista that deserves praise(not scorn). And I still think it's better than Leopard.

dexterwang3887d ago

One thing I hate about vista is how microsoft is trying to jam it down our throats... its not a bad operation system, though IMO they tried too hard for looks and made the whole thing less accessible

For example to play halo2 and shadowrun on a pc, you'd need vista even though there is absolutely no dx10 support in those game

Also dx10 is limited to vista when it is perfectly capable of running in xp... why microsoft... why?

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techie3887d ago

Well that was clever of you Round Peg, tipping the same story twice, then submitting it yourself, and failing the person who took up your tip lol

ktchong3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I tipsed a story first. But then I saw no one pick it up and submit it, so I submitted it myself.

And I tipsed it twice because it has two different sources.

techie3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

If you're going to tip then I'd suggest waiting more than 10minutes to submit it. And duplicate tipping, is the same as duplicate submissions even though they are different sources. Just don't go down the road of MK-Red and his past tipping obsession...that was quite hilarious to watch (thank god he's calmed down now :)

Vip: there's no problem with submitting your own tips...I used to do that, because people can be very slow around here, and a lot of good news can go missing.

MK_Red3887d ago

Thanks for mentioning me :)
I tried to avoid posting the same tip with different sources though.

techie3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Eventually MK, eventually :P

It was annoying, only since they changed it the automatic add of the tipper to your story. I'd often find lots of news without a tippers help, but since some people had tipped everything...they were guaranteed points, making it harder for me to win the monies lol

I'm over it now though :P

MK_Red3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

But hey, I did my best to improve and learned a lot from good contributers. I owe a lot to TnS.

UPDATE: Thanks :)

techie3887d ago

You have improved :) and you're an asset to the site. TnS has his uses yes ;)

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actas1233887d ago

Windows Vista, are you even serious. I mean Its obvious that the other nine products are plain crap, but come on now. I mean Its not a perfect product but not to the point its ranked as a "top terrible product" by some pissed off customer who happened to be a writer at Cnet. All new products have problems when they first come out... XP did, Apples Leopard has tons of them and they keep patching it but no body knows about it because few people have apples..
Listing Vista as a terrible product is a serious insult to all technology...
Wow I think this article was written just to list vista as a terible product... and FYI I am a PS3 fan.

Bonsai12143887d ago

leopard was a lot more stable than vista even when they launched it. i personally haven't had any problems with leopard since i bought it monday after it launched. heck, apple even released 10.5.1 already, which is something m$ has yet to do.

i'm sure after they patch vista several times, it'll be a good system, but right now, the majority prefer xp. you can't argue with that fact.

Bladestar3887d ago

vista... ehhh? Companies and so many people are trying to hard for Vista to fail that they resort to writing articles like this one... People are trying to hard to give vista a bad reputation.
Most people complaining about vista dont even have vista... they just repeat what others are saying... So, vista is worst than windows ME? Nonsense... When XP came out it had a lot more bugs than vista.. people tend to forget that...

Also, lots of people complain about DirectX 10 and vista... but vista still plays more games than the MAC... interesting ehh?

Vip3r3887d ago

The exact same can be said about companies and people bad mouthing the PS3 too. Just the same as the PS3 can play more games than the 360... interesting ehh?

JosefTor3887d ago

I like Windows Vista too. Granted I don't know if it is worth paying full price for but... I don't think there is much denying it is the best Microsoft OS out there. I got it one day because my college offered it for free and it is a really smart/sensing OS compared to XP. I like the way it handles problems and searches for solutions, the way it categorizes stuff and can search through stuff (indexing), the new Windows update, and more. Speed is still slightly off in gaming but... it is pretty close (I don't use my PC for gaming anyway... thats why I have consoles). I just feel like I have a more robust experience with Vista then with XP. Oh... and security is beefed up. This is just my opinion though and I know many people have differing opinions.

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