Uncharted 3, Reviews, and Nerd Rage: An Editorial

Certain stereotypes exist about people who identify themselves as “gamers.” If they’re all to be believed, we’re all fat, socially-inept man-children who live in our parents’ basements while we waste our days away playing murder simulators and escapist power fantasies. Now, obviously, that’s not entirely true (well, for most of us anyway,) but, as always, stereotypes aren’t necessarily ground in reality.

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OmegaSlayer2572d ago

The problem that very few focused is that readers are pissed about lack of consistency.
When the reviewers weights the same "flawed" aspect differently in 2 different games.
Especially with sequels...if 3 is better and more refined than 1 or 2 it's stupid to give it a lower score, as I said it's not coherent.
More of the's not just a viable justification imho for taking down a work, it's just whinery.
That's the problem...also...many reviewers just bash big games just to get click.