Unveiled: 'world's most capacious' pocket hard drive

Buffalo has launched a 320GB handheld hard drive, which it claims is the world's first 2.5in drive to boast such a quantity of storage capacity. Dubbed the MiniStation TurboUSB, the range is protected by a "tough armoured outer case". The 5400rpm hard drive is powered through a USB 2.0 connection, with the cable wrapping neatly around the device's outer rim. File encryption and auto-backup software also ship with the drive.

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mighty_douche3915d ago

that'll be ideal for the PS3.

Kyur4ThePain3915d ago

WD have had a 320GB out for a little while now.


BloodySinner3915d ago

This little gadget is totally awesome.

bootsielon3914d ago

Tech is growing up so fast