Grand Theft Auto 5 vs. GTA mod, PS4/Xbox 720 wait

Daniel Chubb: While we’ve been waiting for the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer there hasn’t been a shortage of rumors, and one of the most insightful stories we read included next-generation graphics for GTA V.

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DA_SHREDDER2592d ago

they really should just wait till next gen.

fluffydelusions2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Why when the userbase of PS3/360 are over 100m+? If they wait till next gen the userbase will more than likely be far far less (unless they wait a few years) which equates to less sales. The only people who really care about the graphics of GTA V are PC owners but they probably won't get this game till a year after console release if ever knowing Rockstar.

Felinox2592d ago

fluffy.. Do you still play NES?.
Userbase is an issue every generation. Same with nes,snes,ps1,ps2,ect...
New generations are when we see developers make a name for themselves. How many console gamers knew about epic before Gears of war? How many people besides hardcore RPGers knew of Bethesda before Oblivion?
And ya know ya gotta start sometime.

Hayabusa 1172592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

@Felinox: stop living in a video game fantasy land. Fluffy is right. The install base for 360 and PS3 is large enough for Rockstar to make $$$ so why wouldn't they? Same goes to DA_SHREDDER's comment. Why should they wait till next gen? Next gen will come sooner or later, they can make more then enough money from the "current" gen. True about developers making a name for themselves when new tech becomes available, but you're also gona have games coming out for old and new consoles alike, because as much as developers like to use new technology, they also know the benefit of making something for a console that's in 100 million homes. Stop being so narrow minded. And Rockstar made a name for themselves ages ago so I don't why you make it sound like "next gen" is some sort of opportunity for recognition for them.

deadpoole2592d ago

The problem with these mods are ... they are beautifull and what not ... like the impact of these mods when u see is like ... WOWWWW ... but the problem is ... these mods are nothing but high contrast, severe black and white crush and oversaturated colors.

Its like these mods are all able to play around the settings but can't get to the core file which can help them to show us exactly what they are capable of.

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SantistaUSA2592d ago

Those mods are jaw dropping, but I'm happy with the graphics from GTA V trailer :)

Felinox2592d ago

People keep saying there is no need for a next gen yet but clearly this yet another example of how sweet some new console hardware could be. A year ago i would have been impressed with GTAV, but now i'm just kinda meh. Don't get me wrong. It looks good, and it is impressive with what they are squeezing out of current gen, but come on...

dangert122592d ago

The consoles will cost a fair bit alot of top end pcs cost more then the pc did on realise still it sold poorly I don't think people will be so willing to invest In so much for a console even computer wise as not many comps could run this ^ like that

EliteDave932592d ago

Iam not looking forward to next gen becuse that means we gonna have to pay around 500$ for a new console and thats just wayyy to much.

DeathAvengers2592d ago

Can't wait for new consoles, maybe a better disc format for Xbox? Awesome. I want to play the next GTA on better console hardware, but don't see that happening, since Halo 4 is coming out for 360 and I can't see them releasing a greatly popular game and then releasing a new console...

Felinox2592d ago

As an early adopter i'd gladly throw down $500 on a new system. Generations overlap people. There will be a period of a year or two where a game is available for both.

As an adult I fondly remember the first year the xbox came out and was $400. There weren't any screaming racist 8 year olds on xbl.

DeathAvengers2592d ago


Agreed, I'd pay a good amount of money for a new console with modern hardware.

zero_cool2592d ago

I hope their gonna focus just as much on gameplay freedom, flexibility & entertainment value as they did graphics!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!