'Gears of War 3' Hammerburst gets damage, accuracy, and ammo tweaks

XMNR: The Hammerburst is one of the least used weapons in Gears of War 3 multiplayer but Epic Games dropped details Thursday on some tweaks to the rifle that should help out those that prefer to pick out targets from a distance in the Xbox 360 exclusive shooter.

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SOD_Delta2568d ago ShowReplies(2)
RBlaze2568d ago

I just want consistency.

Sometimes my gnasher kills from point blank, sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes I die from 5yards from the sawn-off, and sometimes I don't.
Sometimes the digger kills an enemy if it goes off next to him, other times it doesn't.

The wild inconsistency is the one thing that annoys me about Gears. I still put far too much time in though!


2568d ago
SOD_Delta2568d ago

LOL How am I "Trolling"? I simply stated the truth. Epic did say " They said they wouldn't make any knee-jerk tweaks and any tweaks they do make will be based on testing/feedback" I just worded it wrong.

phonebrkr2568d ago

those tweaks sound good and all but if they really want to make a difference with it they need to put a governor on it. that way the rapid fire contoller noobs would not have an advantage anymore. in my opinion that is truly why the gun is used so little. anyone who uses the hammerburst is questioned on their actual ability because so many cheats use it with their rapid fire. you put a fire rate limit on that gun like every gun but the snub, then you keep the hacks from using it to their advantage. that in turn helps make it a legit weapon that takes skill to use to its full potential. once they do that you'll find more people using it. until then almost everyone that uses the hammerburst is immediately scrutinized.