Hands-on with Apple's new multi-touch patent

Apple may be about to extend the multi-touch technology featured on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod touch to enable you to use different parts of your hand to control certain functions on its products.

Three patent filings outline a arrangement of sensors that makes it possible to use not just your fingers to control a touchscreen, but different parts of the hand, Electronista says.

The sensors will be able to detect how close the hand is to the screen, and also which part of the hand that is touching the display. The new screens will also be sensitive to pressure in multiple areas, the Apple patents state.

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predator3954d ago

i think ill wait for the 2nd gen iphone's here in the uk, but this patent sounds cool.

mighty_douche3953d ago

cool as it is/looks and it got plenty of attention in the pub, but functionally its not to great, the internet is one of the slowest ive come across and the screen was coated in crap in no time.

i stick with the Nokia phones for a while yet.

predator3953d ago

thats y im waiting for the 2nd gen ver. its got the crap ver of 3g on there so the internet as you sed is slow as anything, if they sort on some of the niggles then i mite be tempted. how come u were able to take it back, wasnt it on contract?

mighty_douche3953d ago

but i have quite a good relationship with a member of staff at my local 02 store.

but as i learnt when i was young, if you complain enough, they'll give you anything just to get you out of the shop. customer is always right and all that crap.