SteelSeries Gaming Eyewear by GUNNAR - Fact or Faux-Pas?

I was totally skeptical, thinking they wouldn't have any effect at all, if not make things worse. After playing around with them for a bit, I learned just how wrong I was.

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DBLDeathDealer2516d ago

I was a non-believer at one time as well. Gunnar makes some great eyewear. My eyes just did not feel fatigued after using them, unlike normal play.

Glad to see they teamed up with SteelSeries. Nice article.

xxxAnubisxxx2515d ago

Never heard of GUNNAR before this... lol

xxxAnubisxxx2516d ago

I've never used them.... always just figured they were sort of dumb. Maybe I'll check them out.

DBLDeathDealer2516d ago

I thought the same thing. You can feel the difference. Get a pair if you have the money laying around.

xxxAnubisxxx2515d ago

Does anyone REALLY have money just laying around?

Chaotic_Cannon2515d ago

I have a pair of Gunnars glasses and they help for those long hours in front of the pc, either gaming or typing. Admitted my monitors dont produce much glare and I rarely get eye strain but they are extremely light and after a while they feel great. Oh, and they do take a little getting used to though

xxxAnubisxxx2515d ago

Huh.... that's another person who likes these things... who'd of thunk it