V Subtle things in the GTAV Trailer

We know you have probably watched the trailer over a hundred times now, feverishly lapping up every tiny detail in each frame. However, just in case you haven’t, here are 5 things that you might have missed:

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GamersRulz2272d ago

Gonna boycott N4G until GTAV frenzy cool down, really guys this like the 1000's news about breaking down this trailer, its a damn trailer, can you imagine if they put a release date or show a gameplay footage ? also I can see sites handing 10s all over the place from now then regret it the next month.

Jdoki2272d ago

The frenzy around one trailer is ridiculous. I can't believe how forgiving people are after the POS GTA IV.

StarCSR2271d ago

Why should people be forgiving? GTA IV was an amazing experience and a superb game....

MariaHelFutura2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

GTA IV was a good game (not a 9.8)

The only problem w/ GTA IV was that it got away from the fun and overall depth that GTA was loved for....personally i dont think R* will make the same mistake. From the trailer there are definitely a few hints that this will have some of the elements that were outstanding in GTA:SA.

2272d ago
A-Glorious-Dawn2271d ago

Police giving Chase on foot?

Do want very much!