GTA V PC Release: Will It Match Consoles And Be The Leading Platform?

Pinoytutorial: Here's an analysis discussing how GTA V's PC release date may be launched on the same time frame with PS3 & Xbox 360 and how it can be the game's leading platform.

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slyrunner2450d ago

It better, i mean, it only makes sense. It much easier to port a PC game to a console than it is a Console to a PC, PC and xbox still use the NT framework, the only issue will come to play is the ps3, since it uses a totally different framework than both platforms, yet still, the ps3 makes up for its hardware and support, but yes, after 2008s version of 4, the PC was the WORST platform to play with, i am now playing a decent FPS (40-60) with 2 580's, that makes no damn sense to me. Being that is, PC has the most powerful hardware.

Cosmit2450d ago

I remember there was a fix for the FPS problem. I did it when I was playing on my PC. I had the same problem. It worked. But honestly I have NO idea what the steps were and where I found the instructions.

kevnb2450d ago

I thought 4 was way better on PC, but not up to the higher standards. The console versions were garbage performance wise and looked horrible.

ShoryukenII2450d ago

I don't think it will because PC still doesn't have Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire hasn't been released yet. GTA V will definitely release on PC and I doubt they're going to make a shit port again. We'll have to wait and see with L.A. Noire though.

kennyboy2450d ago

i would only use pc as lead platform on games that have a full photorealism graphics aim, since this game doesnt then no, cause as ive said i have no proof that pc can do the best graphics outside of photorealism

slyrunner2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

That makes no sense, you cant have better "graphics" than reality, or they wouldn't be called graphics to begin with. Graphics are shapes and polygons. Real life shades and colors have no such thing as digital polygons as its not possible to clone itself.

kcuthbertson2450d ago

You should really take a look at the PC versions of:

Batman Arkham Asylum and City
Portal 1 and 2
Unreal Tournament
Gears of War 1

...pretty much any game made looks better on PC if you have the hardware...

kennyboy2450d ago

then again 360 was the lead platform of all of those games

iamgoatman2450d ago


Lol, the 360 definitely wasn't the lead platform for Portal 1 and 2.

And despite the rest of those games having a console as a lead platform they ALL looked and played better on PC. The difference between the PC and console versions of the Batman games is huge!

death2smoochie2450d ago (Edited 2450d ago )

You truly are dim witted.
Photo-realistic graphics are harder to achieve to begin with. Those graphics require higher levels of polygons, and higher resolution textures with more realistic lighting.
It's the reason most console games strive for a more stylized graphical look because they lack the horse power to run graphics such as the GTA4 extreme mod or Crysis extreme Mods or other PC games.
You keep blabbing about how the PS3 does CG...
Please do some research Sarah Palin

The more polygons per rendering model etc. the more realistic that CGI(computer generated image) becomes...
This is what you are seeing with most PC games.
PC games have more processing power than consoles and are capable of rendering more detailed images on screen. Higher levels of polygons per rendering model and higher levels of quality textures on those models. Then when you throw in tessellation which the PS3 does not support at all, you have a more detailed image. THAT IS CG like ALL OTHER VIDEO GAMES...The PC just has the ability to render COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGES AT HIGHER LEVELS. Man you are dumb as salt..

The only difference is ONE platform can render more advanced features and effects if developers want it to and that is the PC.
Consoles lack the power to do those photo-realistic graphics so they use a more cartoon style visual effect.

"i have no proof that pc can do the best graphics outside of photorealism"

Good Grief man...did you go full retard with that comment?

You cannot get much better than photo realism graphics. This is what game developers are trying to achieve. And the PC at this moment is the closest platform to achieve this.

Please do not bring up CG ever again on this site because you have NO idea what that means.
Please look it up.
Secondly look at ALL Multi-Platform games on the PC. They look miles better than the PS3 or Xbox360 counter-part.

Bleach2450d ago

Of course it wont be the lead platform, Rockstar are all about consoles first, console port for PC last.

kma2k2450d ago

Seems like all games release on consoles first & it makes sense to me. Most pepole who pc game also have colsoles & if a game is released on PC at the same time a crap load of people will pirate the game & not buy it. But if you want to play it right when it comes out you have to buy it for your console or wait for the pc release. It is a smart move in my eyes. So what im saying is it would make sense to have it come out on consoles then pc realse a few months later for R* to maxamize sales.

slyrunner2450d ago

Eff sales, if its a shity port, then they will lose sales!

iamgoatman2450d ago

Releasing the PC version later won't increase sales, it will have the opposite effect. By releasing GTA 5 say 6 months after consoles will just piss off a lot of PC gamers having to wait for a game that will likely just be another lousy port anyway, so people will then pirate it out of retaliation.

Take Assassins Creed on PC for example as it's your avatar, typically releases 6 months after the console versions and has pathetic sales, with a high piracy rate. Sure the DRM probably has a lot to do with it as well, but I guarantee if it released at the same time as consoles you'd have more people inclined to by it then rather that later on.

rob60212450d ago

Wait, where did they announce it was even coming to the PC? Heck we don't even know if it's even coming to PS3/360, this just seems to be speculation. For all we know Rockstar could turn around and announce it as a PS4 or WiiU exclusive. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. No platform has been announced.

iamgoatman2450d ago

"announce it as a PS4 or WiiU exclusive."

Well that's never going to happen, not in a month of Sundays!

I don't see why there wouldn't be a PC release even if its not on the current gen of consoles, which I'm sure it will be.

Venjense2450d ago

Exclusives from 3rd parties are pretty much out of the question for established franchises....

Unless someone wants to pay for all the lost revenue that would have been gained from selling it on other systems - for a game like GTA, that would be A LOT.

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