Battlefield 3 fixes and improvements detailed

Battlefield 3 developer DICE has detailed various fixes and improvements that its made to its FPS sequel since launch.

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Szarky2419d ago

Cool if you play without a mic and without friends.

lMHl2420d ago

bought time and they should give the snipers C4

Optical_Matrix2420d ago

Where's the fix for them goddamn flashlights. I know military flashlights are capable of cooking eggs (Youtube it) with the extremely high wattage they're powered on, which makes sense in the darker maps in the game, but in the places were it's sunny, they should be as bright as they are.

Szarky2419d ago

Flashlights are the least of their problems.

swishersweets200312419d ago

the flashlights are cool the way they are.. stop crying and shoot the center of the light.

Szarky2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Haha DICE... guys come on, stop ignoring the PS3 owners who want to play with friends but can't because your released such a buggy game. This is a team based game I'd like to enjoy the game without my squad splitting everytime i create a squad and voice chat not sounding so damn choppy I have to mute everyone.

pennywhyz2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

take away prone its awful and cheap.

Fishy Fingers2419d ago

Yeah! And arms too, it's annoying how everyone has arms!

TheOtherTheoG2419d ago

You know what, why do we even get weapons of any sort? Surely, if both sides were at least remotely civilized, they'd be able to stroll up to the middle of Caspian Border and have a nice friendly conversation about how to sort out this war jiff-jaff over a nice cup of tea and a digestive...

Mutant-Spud2419d ago

I hated this game for the first few days but now I'm a believer, prone is one of the best features because people tend to play properly, they move cautiously, frag and clear rooms and use suppressing fire in case there some camper in the shadows.

Captain Qwark 92419d ago

i love prone, and i dont think its cheap at all. i have yet to have an instance where its proved cheap for me or the opposing team members. in fact i think its the best change to the game so far, because now if im getting unloaded on by the enemy but my cover is tiny i can go prone and be hidden.

or i can run across the map and dive into tiny cover

or for those who love recon ( most boring and dumb class imo ) they can be camouflaged better which is good since their position is revealed after every kill

adds a sense of realism both BC lacked imo

Ghoul2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

take away the cod players, theyre annoying and egoistic

eraursls842419d ago

I think prone is balanced well with how long it takes to go prone and even more so with the time it takes to stand back up. It's nice that its not instantaneous like other games.

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