Game Consoles: How Much Horsepower Is Left This Gen?

Console horsepower - it's been the primary force driving the industry forward ever since the business started taking shape back in the days of Atari. With each console cycle, developers would get significantly more powerful machines to work with to aid them in realizing their creative visions, while gamers reap the benefits of prettier visuals. For this generation, we're already six years past the launch of Xbox 360, and it's clear that the machines are getting close to their limits. But how much more is left, and do game makers really need new consoles to advance the industry?

IndustryGamers put these questions to some of the leading developers in the field. Here's what they had to say.

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Agent Smith2266d ago

I think I've seen that character in the picture before.

Bathyj2265d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again.

Games like Uncharted and God of War are the peaks of graphic performance on consoles.

Until everyone is making games at this level, then they all have plenty of power yet to extract so its a moot point.

And even ND and SM wouldnt be resting back of their laurels, they would be still trying to improve as well. That drive is what makes them so good in the first place.

ProjectVulcan2265d ago

Well we won't see leaps. We haven't for a few years now. We can see incremental improvements, but if you have played Gears 3 and Uncharted 3, you have seen about as good as it is gonna get and shouldn't expect some other game coming out to blow them away on this generation of consoles.

I mean it shouldn't really matter now, the consoles are so dated developers should be focused on maximising the stability of the platforms with top top games.

GTA5 will be a shining example of this i believe. It won't be the best looking game ever, but it should push the scale and immersion possible to the very edge.

esemce2265d ago

But they have to run at 30fps have no AA <720p, Finished Uncharted 3 yesterday and i think thats the max the PS3 can do, just like Gears 3 both great games. theses console are 5 years old ffs and they launched with outdated GPU's.

Time for the next gen Q4 2012 Halo 4 as a launch title.

DA_SHREDDER2265d ago

I think that the limitations of this gen is actually gonna be a huge benefit for devs, especially first party Sony devs, and give them a huge advantage when next gen comes. Look at what they do with the limited hardware they have now. Imagine what they are gonna do with more leg room and more power? Next gen could possibly be a 15 year lifecycle or more if they do it right. Just as long as they make sure that they don't leave the obvious out! Get the web browser right, add android market place, get the online right, make room for future upgrades, give it higher pc specs from the start and everything should be as smooth as butter. Oh, and if I were Sony, I would get to figuring out the cloud gaming aspect of things too. Cloud gaming works, and its here to stay.

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