Want a Wii this Christmas? Here's how

Nintendo's Wii is hot right now. So hot that if you managed to get your hands on one it would probably melt the skin from your fingers. Demand is outstripping supply to such an extent that Nintendo's motion sensing machine is flying off the shelves quicker than you can say Wii Fit. So, with that in mind, and because love to look out for their dear readers, they thought they would speak to the shops and ask them for their advice on making sure 2007's must have gadget is firmly secure in Santa's sack when he drops down your chimney come December 25.

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Zhuk3950d ago

Want a Wii? duct-tape 2 Gamecube's together and spray paint it white, don't forget to rustle through the trash outside your games store for some garbage games

Rayko3950d ago

I got a wii and I will open it this christmas for some christmas joy.
Got a 360 already but to be honest it starts to get rather boring with all those wargames and FPS.Need something funny and fresh like mario galaxy, zelda + wario ware and wii sports for the party gaming with fam and friends :).The only reason I want a PS3 is for the DIVX support, the rest seems not good at all.

superman3950d ago

Zhuk you are a sad and pathetic troll.

The Maverick3950d ago

Sadly what zhuk said is very, very true, but he forgot to mention the white magnet attached to the crappy side of the gamecube controller with string connectng them, everything else as he said

wiizy3950d ago

plain and simple want a wii wait for it....dont go buy a waste of a ps3, or a broken system.... more is coming..from the only system that brings excitement... or you could get stuck playing lair all day.

rofldings3950d ago

I'd rather play Lair all day than the sh!t that comes out for the wii?

And I swear, I will kill you if you say "SMG" - you just used one of the worst games for the PS3 as an example, don't use your best game.


Rayko3950d ago

I rather play balloon fight or ice climber for NES than playing LAIR for the boring PS3.Yes, PS3 is worse in graphics than xbox 360 and has worse games than the nintendo wii.Wii60 is the smartest move this generation.

BrotherNick3950d ago

They're around the same price now imo if you want hdmi and a big enough hd. I would like more short games than long ones, which is why I bought a wii.