Kratos Cosplay Done Horribly Wrong At Sony India Event

As if it wasn't enough that Kratos had suffered horribly enough, gamers attending the Sony PlayStation Experience in Mumbai, India, had to face yet another horror - a Kratos cosplayer that will give any God of War fan a nightmare they won't soon forget.

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Statix3956d ago

What's the big deal? It's a terrible costume, but how is this newsworthy, or even worth mentioning?

Timesplitter143956d ago

Oh come on is it really that bad? It's actually one of the best cosplay I've seen. All the other cosplayers (especially anime cosplayers) are fatties and their costumes look too colorful. This one's OK

Why make an article on it? And it's as if this ruined the whole party. Seriously, guys.

gamesblow3956d ago

That guy is a huge Ham... I mean, massive. People like that guy are the ones getting over in life too, sadly. He's the kind of Anal Leak who could fall ass backwards into money after betting his entire lifes worth on the tables. He's the kinda D*ck Dabbler who could swing a successful wife, cheat on her... give her a V.D. and still come out smelling like Coco butter, applied libberally to the ball sack.

That guy is an Ass Smack and just lookin' at him makes me wanna stop gaming. Cause that guy could tarnish a dimond.

Skerj3956d ago

At least he's buff, that's more than I could say for most cosplayers I've seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.