Orcs & Elves reviewed by Gamer 2.0

Developed by the genius John Carmack at id Software, Orcs & Elves is probably the best original mobile game. With their newfound ownership of the developer, Electronic Arts hopes to build on that success by porting the game to the Nintendo DS. Fountainhead Entertainment went ahead and added a few new levels and improvements to the gameplay, but is it enough to warrant a purchase on Nintendo's powerhouse handheld?

At a measly 5 hours, Orcs & Elves is a short game that is meant to be beaten through brief sittings on the commute to work, school, or back home. But at its core, this isn't a game that's actually worth anybody's money. Sure, it have some improvements here and there, but this is a cell phone game. If you want a game that plays sluggishly, requires no skill and gives you motion sickness, this $30 cell phone game is for you.

Score: 5.1/10

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