Batman: Arkham City’s Nightwing DLC, Robin hits November 22. Will they come to campaign?

Batman: Arkham City DLC News: Nightwing DLC is here, Robin DLC release date November 22. You can kick ass in challenge mode as both vigilantes, but what about campaign? We've contacted Warner Brothers to find out.

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omi25p2391d ago

Im hoping for a robin campaign with Black mask as one of the villians, I got robin early as a preorder bonus and he is so badass

ShoryukenII2390d ago

This game looks so good but I think I'll just wait for the GotY complete edition. I haven't even played all of the Arkham Asylum challenges yet (got it in the summer). :p

MaxXAttaxX2390d ago

Just "maps" or rooms to fight as him.
$7 each? I don't think so.

hardandsloppy2390d ago

actually what you get is him as a character, to use in all of the challenges, and you also get two extra maps. I can still see why some wont want to get it

SwampCroc2390d ago

I went ahead and got it... I've had that money on PSN for like 5 months anyway...

haven't played the challenges yet. as I am still focusing on the main story and side missions.

MasterD9192389d ago

It would have been cool if they would have allowed you to repeat the campaign with those characters...I realize the Robin and Nightwing actors would have had to record all the dialouge but it would be nice to actually use them in the campaign.