New screenshots and HD videos for Devil May Cry 4 [ PS3 version ]

New images and HD videos for DMC4 ... Enjoy

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Meus Renaissance3956d ago

Gorgeous visuals. That looks amazing. Another game to my list for 2008.

lynx1halo3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Have a strange feeling that this game is going to disappoint on both console versions....I mean visuals wise...gameplay wise...and story line wise....does it really live up to the Next-Gen stamp? or does it just look like a polished up Devil May Cry 3??

Danja3956d ago

Im looking forward to this game...Visuals look top notch..and to guy above this game won't dissapoint..from what i've seen...

Keowrath3956d ago

I'm still looking forward to this. I'm not one of the PS3 owners that because the game is going to the "other" console I will cut my nose off to spite my face. Game looks really nice from an action game fan point of view. I've been needing something like this after finishing Master Ninja mode on Gaiden Sigma.

Can't wait for this to come out, just as long as they keep it in tune with DMC1/3 and stay away from DMC2 there should be no probs.

PS360PCROCKS3956d ago

Hey King I wont be an ass because maybe you don't know, but why don't you do everyone a favor and update this article to include the 360 version of this game. Most people will miss this because it's only under PS3 news.

Danja3956d ago

well it's on the front page so not that many will miss it...!!

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