Battlefield 3 Tweak Guide - Graphics and Performance

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SP3333D-O2421d ago

Dual 560 ti's for Ultra-joy!

saint_seya2421d ago

or a single gtx 580 in my case :p

BiggCMan2421d ago

Hell yea, GTX 580 kicks some ass. Love this card so much.

fossilfern2421d ago

Im running on a 2gb 6950 that I got on offer :D loving it!

SP3333D-O2421d ago

The 580 is a smokin card, but these are the 2GB variety 560 ti's, which have more VRAM for those all those textures and in SLI outpace the 580.

A_Troll_From_Ign2421d ago


kevnb2421d ago

ya ati cards actually work for this game.

fossilfern2421d ago

Look at this though I dont see too much of a difference between high and ultra ? Might be wise to keep it on high for more FPS maybe ?

SP3333D-O2421d ago

SLI 560 ti's are getting 60-100 FPS with everything Ultra except 2x MSAA.

saint_seya2420d ago

50-80 with all maxed out in a single gtx 580 :)