10 Upcoming Games That Deserve Your Attention

With the amount of games coming out soon it can be hard to throw around the cash needed to afford them all. People know that franchises likes Call of Duty, Mass Effect, and Final Fantasy will sell well. What they should also be looking out for are games that have gotten pushed to the side in the shadow of all these major franchises. Here is a list of ten games that should be on a lot of people’s radars but aren’t. By Jordan of Trendy Gamers.

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TrendyGamers2180d ago

Almost every game on this list is something I plan on playing.

Brownghost2180d ago

darkness 2 is what im waiting for

DasBunker2180d ago

whoa asuras wrath looks ok, never heard of it before..

TheGreenMan2180d ago

Agreed with evereyone else. Great list overall, but I'm personally looking forward to Amalur and Ni No Kuni the most.

Jappy-k72180d ago

add Anarchy Reigns and Dragon's Dogma...

great list :)

TrendyGamers2180d ago

The list could've easily been twenty titles but we had to shorten it to ten.

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The story is too old to be commented.