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SockeyBoy2301d ago

So its just a chapter? What ever it is i can't freaking wait. One of my top 7 games.

zeousPP32301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Agreed, even if it is not number 2, this will hopefully be as god as the original game

PetitPiPi2300d ago

I Loved Alan Wake so much I played it three times to get the full 1500 gamerscore. I could've easily played it a forth time.

Any game release envolving Alan Wake is a day one buy for me.

Drazz2301d ago

I got disagrees when I said this earlier.....

Drazz2301d ago

Lmao, I can't help but laugh. I asked for it

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TheBlackMask2301d ago


Why....I want a full retail game

Well sorry but I think I'll pass...shame could of been a great franchise aswell

maniacmayhem2301d ago

What's the difference if it's full retail or not?

You can download full retail games on 360 already. Just because its dl only doesn't mean it will be anything less.


TheBlackMask2301d ago

"Just because its dl only doesn't mean it will be anything less."

Really.....are you joking

Course theres a difference, it means you can have a full retail game compared to a downloadable title which probably won't even last you for 4-5 hours. It will be short and at the end of the day it will just seem pointless.

Theres a massive difference between a retail/downloadable title

Do you think Uncharted 2 would of had so much content if it was a downloadable title.......nope.

Rashonality2301d ago

you're comment is like saying
"there's nothing wrong with a straight to DVD release for a movie, Alot of great movies are on DVD"

it's not a confident move, and i hate to see it done to great games.

--Onilink--2301d ago

@Oblivion and GTA IV DLC would like to disagree with your comment...

There is absolutely no reason why a DL game will be short or less than what a retail version could be

Even more, the reason we are not getting a full retail release is because of lack of support for the 1st game, and your way to react to this is.....lack of support for this new game??? seriously??? is that how you expect them to make Alan Wake 2??

doublebass22300d ago

for the record ,for some comments below,Alan Wake was a below 3gb game..most dvd space taken by the cinematics,and it lasted for at least 10 hours..If you dont believe,check this
and for a 540p game was stellar,although i hope they raise resolution textures on this one

PetitPiPi2300d ago

TheBlackMask. You obviously haven't played Shadow Complex. smh.

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IronFistChinMi2301d ago

According to OXM, AW2 is being held back for the next Xbox.

TheDivine2301d ago

I hope so. Thats one game that would make me buy a next gen xbox. I hope ms are doing that because this is one game that most everyone loved and got crazy praise, i think it was even time's goty. One of the best games ive ever played personally, its uncharted quality in the storytelling.

maniacmayhem2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

So when i go on xbox live and their Games on Demand section and see Enslaved, Crysis, Frontlines, crysis 2, Resident Evil 4 HD, mean these games are half of what its suppose to be!?!

The point i was making was a full game can be download only. There's nothing stopping it.

And yes U2 would of had all the content if it was dl only. Why wouldn't it? Is there a sony restriction on how much a game content should have when its dl only?
If there is i'm not aware of it.

TheBlackMask2301d ago

Yeah they are in a way because you don't actually have that game as a pysical copy, you don't own it in a way and if anyone was going to buy them they would of done so. Fact is this isn't a retail game on XBLA, it's a downloadable title of Alan Wake meaning it probably won't be as special as what AW2 could of been

guigsy2301d ago

Get in, Alan Wake is one of my favorite 360 games. Didn't think this was going to happen after they didn't announce anything at E3.

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