3DS Head Start Could Be Huge Advantage Over Vita

Chris Buffa (Modojo): With PlayStation Vita's Japanese launch (December 17) less than two months away, Nintendo has to feel good about its chances against Sony's latest machine.

Games like Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 will go a long way to solidifying the handheld's place in the market. Most importantly, 3DS has dominated Japanese sales of late, more recently outselling PSP two to one, as it should, considering that portable is on the way out.

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Misterhbk2268d ago

I'm not saying the 3DS isn't going to blow up this holiday because it will but I know there are parents out that that won't buy the 3DS for their kids. I JUST sold my sisters DS Lite over craigslist to a mom looking to get a DS for her son. She asked if it was the newest version and I told her the 3DS was newer. These are her words exactly.

'Oh, I know, but I won't buy that for him because it's not safe for kids under a certain age'

Now, obviously this is false but its clear that with a lot of uninformed consumers they still think the 3DS is unsafe for kids, thanks to that warning that Nintendo is forced to put on the 3DS boxes. Now of course this woman doesn't speak for the masses but you've got to think that there are probably tons of moms out there thinking the exact same thing. I guess only time will tell though.

DA_SHREDDER2268d ago

I think anyone who has a DS doesn't need to buy a 3DS. There really isn't any huge leap in technology, and noone and everyone I know who has tried the 3D in the 3DS has been left unimpressed. As a informed consumer and early adopter, I feel totally ripped off, first I got ripped by the price drop, and then I come to find out the guts of the machine isn't really any different than the DS. Sure its got a few more bells and whistles, but it pales in comparison to the Vita.

And to be honest, I don't really care for the Vita, I think its cool, but it still doesn't replace my cellphone. However, I wonder how it compares to a tab? No wifi hotspot already has left a bitter taste in my mouth, but the 3DS already crapped on me when I found out that the mic and inwards camera isn't being used for any online communications.

The 3DS is a complete failure with no games. Is Mario 3DS out yet? Nope. Ive had the 3DS for almost 6 months and is doing nothing but collecting dust.

browngamer42268d ago

You're kidding right?That is the stupidest most trollish statement I have ever is n4g though known for Nintendo hating trolls..I have a feeling you don't even own a 3ds..its sad that some other people might see your assined comment and actually believe that the crap coming out of your keyboard is actually true..have you seen revelations?

Optical_Matrix2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Vita isn't there to replace your phone or a tablet, what kind of idiotic statement is that? Oh wait, DA_SHREDDER, the new resident troll of N4G. I should have known. The 3DS is far from a failure, nearly 7 million units sold already and Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 aren't even out yet, lest we not forget that the holidays will soon begin.

The 3DS won't fail. And I hope Vita doesn't either. I have a 3DS, have done since day 1 and although it's been a bit disappointing so far, I can wait for the good games to roll in. I did so with the PS3 and now look, got over 40 great games with 20+ more to be released. Incredibly excited for PlayStation Vita as well and I hope it succeeds to prove the haters wrong that in fact, handheld gaming is still alive and kicking. As gamers we should all want both to do well if it means keeping traditional gaming alive and staving off the advance of casual 50p phone games like Angry Birds.

I know for a fact I'm one of the small minority of this site that actually owns half the consoles they talk about and troll about. Doubt you or any of the 3DS haters have a 3DS, let alone played on one.

AWBrawler2267d ago

hey pal if you have a 3DS add me so i can see your mii. what's your FC? if you don't reply i know you were lying

Squatch832267d ago

I own a 3DS, have done since day one.
I also own a DSLite.

The 3DS is a MASSIVE leap over the DS. And when you look at Mario Kart 7 on 3DS, its clear to see the improvements over Mario Kart DS.

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BrianC62342267d ago

This is nonsense. The 3DS just isn't very good. The Vita is much better and will have lots of great games right away. It shouldn't be hard for the Vita to win that battle.

-Alpha2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

"and will have lots of great games right away"

No it wont. Not right away at least, there is nothing indicating any solid consistent release dates for software at the moment for the PSV. Can you name a list of popular games with release dates that are "right away" to the PSV launch?

And the point is that by the time the PSV hits, the 3DS will have a good selection of exclusives under its belt for a much lower price (which is obvious rendering the article pretty pointless) You are also forgetting that Nintendo exclusives far outsell franchises like LittleBigPlanet, Mod Nation Racers, Uncharted, Stardust, etc.

People here instantly assume that since PSV is a better piece of hardware that it will sell better. That is a very simplified outlook that completely ignores and assumes too much.

fear882267d ago

Really don't care which one is better in the end. All I care about is both going toe to toe and giving consumers more of what they want. Great games.

Sales mean nothing to me and I feel that price is negligible as long as the base model is under $300.

I want compelling games and plenty of variety.

That's it.

I want Nintendo to be far more developer friendly and open in their game distribution.

I want Sony to continue making the progress it currently has by continuing to expand PSN in content and service and bring more devs (indie and AAA)to make content for the platform.

When they compete and then games get better, we as consumers, whether Nintendo fans, Sony fans, or Gaming Fans, can all agree that WE WIN!!!

ronin4life2267d ago

Once the vita launches in Japan, the only must have game will be uncharted which requires an expensive memory card to play, increasing the price to nearly 26000 27000 yen without a game for the wifi.
Or you could get a 3ds with monster hunter plus an (optional) slide pad for about 22300 yen.
Buying an additional game would bring it to just above a gameless vita, with far more than 26~28 games to choose from.

nondecaf2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

You forgot psvita easy dev cycle and that it's back up by psn so getting ports and download should not be a problem and uncharted,resistace supposedly have a release date with in the first yeat of psvita launch,I forgot to mention it powerful enough to run the same code as console so while 3ds may have a head start,psvita has performance to compensate for it.

AWBrawler2267d ago

I can promise you that if that mattered at all, PSP would have murdered DS, XBox and Gamecube would have raped PS2, and PS1 would have been left in the dirt by Saturn and N64

StanLee2267d ago ShowReplies(1)
Khordchange2267d ago

169.99 or 249.99
Nintendo First Party or Sony first Party

I think sony's got somewhat of a shot but I think nintendo's first party and price point is just going to be to much to handle. I mean imagine when super smash brothers and pokemon come out, :/ I doubt the vita will be able to match that

HardCover2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

People with jobs will probably prefer the Vita because it's new and shiny and fun to show off.

People without jobs will have trouble convincing their parents to buy ANOTHER Nintendo DS iteration.

yabhero2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

So you're saying if i have a job i wont get 3ds? basically what you sad was kids will get 3ds adults will get vita. I certainly hope what you said it wrong because gamers under 18 outnumber other gamers 2:1 and gamer age 13-18 probably outnumber 21 and up 1.5:1
P.S about your stupid 3ds same as DS is a PS3 just a PS2 iteration? No? so obviously hugely upgraded graphics and 3d are a big diff...

HardCover2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

You took my comment way too seriously.

I'm not about to write an essay to express my opinion, so you get two lines to get a general point across.

And I'm speaking from MY perspective anyway; I'm not trying to appeal to every sensitive Nintendo fan just because it's nice to do. I'm not interested in it so 'm not going to praise it for your sake.

JoeReno2267d ago

"Nintendo first party or sony first party

I think Sony's got somewhat of a shot but I think nintendo's first part and price point is going to be too much to handle"

That's really a matter of taste. I have never cared for Nintendo's first party games, and that dates back to the NES. I don't like Mario, Donkey Kong, or Kirby, never have and never will. I know I fall into a very very small minority but there are some like me that just don't care for it.

I already own a DS and I don't feel the need to up grade it to a 3D version. I own a PSP also but look at Vita differently than a PSP upgrade, so count me in.

GirlyGamer2267d ago

I don't see it as an advantage but it is what it is; A HEAD START. Whether or not it could be an advantage is yet to be seen. We will know a couple months into the year or even Christmas time and then... the true victor will shine!!! Mwwhahaha!!!
No seriously nothing's set in stone so lets hope they both strive.

clearelite2267d ago

I don't see why we have to turn this into a competition though. The true victors are us the gamers and the losers are all those [email protected]$$es who were making articles trying to say dedicated portables weren't here to stay. I'm going to celebrate the success of Vita and 3DS personally.

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