Edge- Sonic Generations Review

Edge: "Commemorating its star’s 20th birthday, Sonic Generations is a reminder of both what you adore and abhor in a series that’s had its simple joys diluted by flash-in-the-plan iterations and ideas.

Generations at least offers a passing glimpse of Sonic’s early days, where sprinting and platforming offered a balanced, reaction-based gameplay rhythm. The rest, however, is best viewed as a document of how Sega has struggled to stay true to that original template, and toggling between the old and new is a painful reminder of where Sonic went wrong. Instead of the sweet chords of nostalgia, Green Hill Zone’s chirpy tunes sound like a fanfare for the departed."

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Optical_Matrix2424d ago

Ouch. Bought this and Disgaea 4 the other day. Will play them when I've finished Uncharted 3. I really enjoyed the demo so I think I'll enjoy the full game O.o Each to their own

360ICE2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

I disagree with your statement.

And apparently someone disagrees with my statement. Now I know how it feels!

SoapShoes2424d ago

Yeah the demo was good so even if the story is complete crap at least the gameplay is fun. No way those other levels are worse than Green Hill. Sky Sactuary and City Escape are the ones that I look most forward to playing!

Psychonaughty2424d ago

Liked the 2d Green Hill Zone hated the 3d one, in fact Green Hill is the only zone I like that's in the game so will defo be giving this a miss. Starlight Zone deserves a remake!!

I havn't enjoyed Sonic since Sonic 2 on the Megadrive (Sonic 3 really didn't have the magic of the first two for me), although SonicR was fun while it lasted.

When will someone give us a decent Sonic game!?!

SoapShoes2424d ago

Don't know if serious.... If so that's one crazy opinion that I've never heard before. Most people, myself included, think that Sonic 3 & Knuckles was the pinnacle of Sonic's life.

Psychonaughty2424d ago

Yeah I'm serious, it may have something to do with the fact that by the time Sonic 3 came out I was maybe getting a bit old for kids games though (I was 17).
Also I preferred the music from the first 2 games which is prob why Starlight zone is such a fave of mine, well that and it's simplistic but fun and fast level design.

Don't get me wrong I still play cutesy games but I think Sonic's simple design was getting a little tiresome and the lure of Mario was seducing me to the dark side.

I was the biggest Sega fanboy on the planet you see back when fanboyism really kicked off in the playground and I was kinda like a Sega evangelist, I managed to convert several of my friends to sega away from the "evil" Nintendo.

It took me several years and failed consoles (Megacd,32x,Saturn and Dreamcast) later before I admitted to myself that Nintendo just did things better and I can admit something now I never would have then and that is that Super Mario World is better than any Sonic game could ever be.

Man I feel better getting that off my chest!! Denial is not a river in North Africa!

RockmanII72423d ago

Dislikes Sonic 3, likes Sonic R.
Seems legit.

just_sayin2423d ago

This game is awesome i love the planet wisp stage. Deserves at least a 7/10