Five things that could kill Mass Effect 3

Atomicmpc: Mass Effect 3 is only a few short months away, and gamers are hoping it doesn't all go horribly wrong... here are the sum of our Mass Effect 3 fears.

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zeal0us2301d ago

Fully turning it into a shooter with rpg elements instead of a rpg with shooter elements.

Nate-Dog2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

It already was that in ME2 wasn't it? I know the series' main premise was originally supposed to be a shooter - RPG hybrid but ME2 had barely any RPG in it, hopefully ME3 will be better in that sense.

MaxXAttaxX2301d ago

Actually, the shooter/RPG ratio in Mass Effect 3 will be worse than ME2(or better depending if you just like shooting a lot).
They said it would be even more streamlined in that aspect.

I really hope that the character customization(visual) will be a lot better than ME2. For such a hyped game, I expected better.
Custom hair and colors were sh*t, lol.

TheOtherTheoG2301d ago

Incorrect, actually, NathanExplosion. They're adding a bunch of new RPG elements that weren't in the first two and buffing out a bit the stuff that was, it'll be more RPG-ey in that sense.

Godmars2902301d ago

When ME3 is suppose to be about saving humanity, Earth from being initial point of contact with the Reaver Fleet, I don't see the alien role as anything as "the guys who come together to save our ass." Either Shepard gets everyone on board and everyone is saved w/him/her living, or he/she sacrifices themselves in an act which again units the galaxy in a final battle.

In other words getting the good ending will be easy and you'll have to purposely try to get the bad ending. Just like in ME2.

KonGreat2301d ago

Hah, I remember in KoToR when being bad was so easy, you became superawesomestrong and the ending was badass.
But seriously though, ME3 needs more roleplaying, that's what me is built on, choices!

BrightFalls762301d ago

I was trying really hard to do another playthrough of ME2 last night and I just couldn't do it and yet I've torn through ME1 many times. ME3 looks like Gears of War with Mass Effect backdrop. I'm honestly going to pass which I never thought would happen with how addicting I found the first game.

news4geeks2301d ago

I'm the opposite. I found mass effect, although great, was quite tedious but I played through mass effect 2 three times. I'd still like to see more rpg in the 3rd game though.

SageHonor2301d ago

~ Level Cap is 60 instead of 30
~ Weapon Customization
~ Armor Customization
~ Twice as much dialogue at the previous games
~ XP system is more like the first
~ More Squad Banter
~ More looting
~ More things to buy from stores

.. Yeah.. I think they got the RPG covered

maniacmayhem2296d ago

Interesting that people don't see this and are happy.

Instead all they see is the shooting action and instantly get disappointed.

I guess if Shepard had purple spiky hair and battles taking place were still with back and forth hits then it would be considered a true rpg.