Edge- Gran Turismo 5: A Brief History

Edge- "When Kazunori Yamauchi’s latest entry in the Gran Turismo lineage finally arrived last November, it was greeted with muted fanfare by press and players alike. After an exorbitant development period, the widespread expectation was that it would deliver both a format flagship for Sony and a genre leader for racing fans - the finished product was almost doomed to fail in both regards.

But now, with nearly a year of continued patching, updates and content additions under its belt, it’s safe to say that Kazunori’s most exhaustive love letter to the automobile has matured into a much more modern game than you'd expect.

It remains a subject for debate if Gran Turismo 5 2.0 is what it should have been at launch, but nonetheless Sony and Polyphony never gave up and continue to press forward, with the most recent rumblings being that “much more content” is coming. Yamauchi himself has attested to another significant update coming in December, and in comparison with something as tragically under-supported as Test Drive Unlimited 2, Gran Turismo tifosi can be certain that their much-loved racing sim will continue to go from strength to strength, albeit at its own pace."

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GMWPS32273d ago

I'm really looking forward to the "much more content" expectation. I'm thoroughly enjoying Spa but would love a lot more newer cars too!

Dwalls11712273d ago

Hmm before i read this im gonna wonder if edge mentions the more than 7 million units gt5 has sold ????

SoapShoes2273d ago

Uh he has to be kidding when he says it wasn't received well... Sure there was nitpicking(and this was the most nitpicked game ever to where they would point out flaws and focus on them instead of the game) and some let hype get to them, but there were a buttload of people who were happy with the game.

BrightFalls762273d ago ShowReplies(5)
Me-Time2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

"though this bonus drops to zero if they miss a single day."
That's not true. It only happened to some people, so it's probably been fixed? Never happens to me

He doesn't even mention how good the Kart Space track is. GRRR lol

Update 2.01 came two weeks after Spec 2. It's very nice.

It was a good overview of the past year for GT5, nonetheless. He uses opinions too much, though. Some things were said that GT players think, definitely not all of us.

ALSO, there's a lot of stuff people don't realize about GT updates. Take this, and check it out.

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