Bioshock dev shuns PS3 for next game?

Bioshock developer 2K Boston is yet again shunning the PlayStation 3 for its next title, if an internet job listing is anything to go by.

The ad, which can be found on games recruitment site Gamasutra, calls out for a handful of art-centric jobs including lead artist, level builder and animator positions.

Crucially for internet conspiracy theorists though, 2K Boston only lists Xbox 360 and Windows as platforms for the title in question. So unless it's keeping quiet, PlayStation 3 owners are yet again going to miss out.

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TnS3917d ago

Their previous job listing was for a programmer with a comment "Experience with PS3 development is highly desirable".

This one is "just" for an artist.

Multigamer3917d ago

yes tns but what u forgot to say is, why wouldnt ps3 be under the platform for this job add, looks like ms got an other exclusive from the makers of bioshock

Jandre023917d ago

If thats your reasoning, then the PS3 has an exclusive coming first then right? Both consoles would then have exclusives in one year? I really think that its just a multiplatform game, but they are probably having two teams.

One for PS3 and one for Xbox/PC.

jctoyou3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

once again take no notice of predator he is being silly he trolls the net looking for stories to try and make the ps3 look bad,what a silly person!ps add him to your ignore list then he can live in his own sad little world

mighty_douche3917d ago

lol, dude, hes no a "xbot". admittidly it appears he prefers the 360 but i dont believe he owns a ps3 so thats understandable.

i dont get noobs like you, people post the stories they find, they dont wirte them for their own means.

Neurotoxin3917d ago

I`m going to side with Predator here, He is no Fanboy, he is a Decent Contributer who although likes Man Utd, lol, is a unbiased member. Yup he owns a 360, that doesn`t make him a fanboy.

predator3917d ago

@jctoyou - i am no fanboy, check my stories posted, im contributed pro sony and pro 360, i dont spin the news, also this is from CVG i respected site so i cant see how i can be spining this, as i sed ill be gettin a ps3 after crimbo to as ive always had multi consoles, just the way i am. thanks to mighty_douche and Neurotoxin.

gta_cb3917d ago

also if you look at the top this story was tipsed by TnS, so are you calling him a Xbot aswell?

MK_Red3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Nice find and nice info :)
This is a great and real story. I'm a PS3 fan but I have posted many negative PS3 stories. That doesn't make me a 360 fan. And what's wrong with being a 360 fan?
Neither of Predator or TnS ever post fanboyish or biased comments.

LOL at TnS getting disagrees for stating a fact! Seriously, there are some big disagree ghosts here.

Bleem3603917d ago


Predator is no 'xbot' - he happens to own a 360 and not a PS3.

It's people like you who are giving N4G a bad name and it's a great shame that you and so many others behave in such a way.

I too own a 360 (and a Wii) but not a PS3. If you review all of my previous posts, you'll notice I only really comment on things concerning 360 development. Does that make me a 'xbot' or fanboy? No, I've chosen the 360 as my main platform simply because it's the only console that can provide me with what I want out of a console - great games.
That's not to say there are some great titles for the PS3, just not enough yet to make me think about buying one.

-bubble for you because it's the only way to make people like yourself take notice.

I suggest you change your ways before you end up like the long lost Nasim - unless of course it's you with yet another account!

Sorry to everyone else about my rant, but I'm really sick of childish comments such as this and feel I can't hold my tongue for much longer.

Jinxstar3917d ago


Thing is bro. You say your not biased but make a title like "Bioshock dev shuns PS3 for next game?" Kinda seems fanboyish to me... Someone placing an add in a news paper for a 360 Dev or 2 and going to the news papers and saying " We aren't interested in PS3 Dev's" are totally different and I think that is where many people including myself get lost in the "Non-Biased" part. The title is flame bait and you know it bro. Not that I care I like all the games on all systems but making a title like "2K Boston looking for 360 Dev's" is much less of a flame article.

Let me explain. Upon reading the title I think its a Vavle statement that is gonna make PS3 fans want to boycot(Spelling?) 2K and this is so far from the truth after seeing the article... I believe you when you say you like them all but... Tact my friend is your friend.

robep33917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Best way to spot a FANBOY is the fact they post continually on the
forums of a console they dont actually OWN.
I have a PS3 dont have a 360(NOW RROD LOL)so I post on PS3 forums
I dont post on 360 or Wii forums. These Fanboy types just regurgitate
the same old B0LL0CK5 over & over but they can no longer say the PS3 has no games BUT now the HD-DVD fanboys say we only play GAMES lol.What every one should do if you think they are a FANBOY put them on IGNORE soon they will only be talking to each other then with a bit of luck
they will F*** OFF.

SEE POST 2 ZHUK fanboy post prime example!!!!!!!!!!!


predator3917d ago

Jinxstar- N4G guidelines state dont tamper with the title or story, the title and the description is from CVG i didnt do anything besides post, so i cant see where i can be getting called a fanboy when i didnt wright it, this is CVGs title and description, good contributers dont mess with the article they post it as it as, unlike some people on here.

SlappyMcTaint3917d ago

What ever am i to do?!?!?! maybe i'll just cry about it. Boo hooo, we won't get a game from Biosnot devs...

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Zhuk3917d ago

2k Boston realizes that the Xbox 360 is only capable of handling their masterpieces, the PS3 is only good for games like Lair and shovelware

Douchebaggery3917d ago

Let's see how many people take the bait.

Antan3917d ago this anygood? Ive not seen it in any game shops? What sort of game is it? Is it like Warioware? Can you upgrade your shovel?

Neurotoxin3917d ago

Everyone Knows to ignore Zhuk now ;), you cannot argue with misguided fanboys. Its like arguing with a stupid person, no matter how much you show them up they still believe they`re right.

Bibto3917d ago

@Neurotoxin. I don't think Zhuk is a fanboy. He lacks the one thing fanboys have to much of. Passion.

All his posts sound like generic, passionless, PR statements. I'm starting to think that maybe he isn't even a person. I think he might be some A.I/PR program written by Microsoft to monitor internet forums.

ravinash3917d ago

So how come he still has 5?

gta_cb3917d ago

obviously because people are giving bubbles back to him.

Leg-End3917d ago

i fully upgraded my shuvel. It's way better than yours and the game as a whole owns wario.

Zhuk3917d ago

all my fans keep me well supplied with the bubbles I need. Thank you all for your continued support

Rossi-4-Ever3917d ago

Hi there i know its off topic but this amazing patch has totally transformed the best f1 game to ever come out on a console, now the game is so much better you can feel every bump and the force feedback has to be the best i have ever experianced.

I live in the UK and dont know if this patch is worldwide or not. Note this has nothing to do with the mirror patch and i can see no options to connect the psp as a wing mirror.

Just load the game up and it will tell you version 1.10 is ready to download, click on yes and enjoy the game, good time to buy a logitech wheel for your ps3. I have a driving force EX wheel and its perfect.


Dante82053916d ago

how sad is your life zhuk? your ignored by 150 people! i dont feel any need to comment any further..i just feel bad for you

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mighty_douche3917d ago

oh well if its just PC/360 then PC version for me. anyway, if its PC/360/PS3 it'll still be PC version for me. only one FPS for my playstation next year! well maybe 2 if Resistance 2 drops in 08.

TheMART3917d ago

Sounds logical that MS snatched it up. It has done a lot of hype, it's a great game, a sequel with multiplayer would be great!

ravinash3917d ago

MS would be crazy to let this slip.

shysun3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

They just had the AD for PS3 jobs..... PS3 owners didn't run out and say.... NEW 2k game is PS3 exclusive, it didn't mention the 360 nor PC, WOOT!!!! So 360 owners, don't make yourselves look dumb!

actas1233917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I actually do agree with you on that... I don't know how people nowadays make their conclusions? The article is just news that there is job opening and that is it

Polluted3917d ago

I'm with you on that. I don't see why people are disagreeing. The exact same story was posted around 2 months ago. The only difference was that the job posting was for a PS3 programmer and instead of a 360 artist. Didn't see/hear anyone going off about how they were going PS3 exclusive at the time.