Pixel-perfect graphical comparisons of GTA V to GTA: San Andreas

SystemLink: "We're going GTA V crazy over here; with no release date announced, this certainly isn't good for our health, but we just can't get enough. Thanks to some of the Grand Theft Auto faithful, you can now compare the latest games to 2004's San Andreas, in perfect comparison."

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360ICE2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

If you look close you can see better use of lightning in GTAV. Also slightly higher textures? Will investigate further...

Organization XII2362d ago

GTA V looks a generation leap compared to San Andreas. Only an ignorant will say the graphics sucked in the trailer. Also the animations alone makes it the best GTA to date. Can't wait to see how does this look on PC!

360ICE2362d ago

OMG, sensitive. Clearly I was kidding they're worlds apart.


not sure why you got so many disagrees...

I mean gta4 had great lighting, but GTAV looks like it has improved on the lighting.

the textures also look a lot better.

TheBlackMask2362d ago

Will San fierro and Los venturas be in this aswell?

PhantomT14122362d ago

No, according to a Rockstar announcement (go to, it's only Los Santos with some hills and forrests. But my website's boss said that total size would be x2 bigger than Red Dead Redemption.

TheBlackMask2362d ago


How the f*ck can they not do the other two cities, we wanted the map bigger and when they could of added some variation in the map they don't.

I don't understand how it can be bigger with some forrests and mountains thrown in there......then really it's not Los Santos because it's not that big, certinly not x2 then Red Dead.......if it was then it's not Los Santos in my eyes.

2362d ago
FriedGoat2362d ago

thats a real shame.
kind of annoyed me actually.