Give That Baby a Controller — Video Games Found to Make Kids More Creative

Bad news for those of you hoping the Xbox can be blamed for your children being terrible — a new study by Michigan State University has found that playing video games can lead to an increase in creativity in kids.

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zerocrossing2422d ago

What? an article actually praising games and stating they can increase creativity O.o well I never.

zeal0us2422d ago

Just watch kind/type of games you give your kids and you should be the gaming department.

thebudgetgamer2422d ago

Yea, and they also help with hand eye coordination, critical thinking and memory.

Drano2421d ago

Give'em some Lego blocks too.

Kinetix2421d ago

Creatively violent...

Trolling aside, I think this is great for the gaming industry that there is concrete evidence of its positive impact. I think many parents of young kids who own touchscreen phones/tablets know this to be true if they let them use it for some time.

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