GTA V is a 'reinvention'; series heading to Los Santos

GameDynamo - "Sam Houser, President & Founder of Rockstar Games, had this to say about the upcoming title, "Grand Theft Auto V is another radical reinvention of the Grand Theft Auto universe. We are incredibly excited to share our new vision with our fans."


This was the original link with the info. Source is the press release. Someone swapped our link!

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BrightFalls762117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Reinvention? So southern California with black gangs that speak lots of ebonics, mexicans that wear plaid shirts with one button and asians who wear nice suits is a reinvention? This franchise couldn't be more stale if it tried. Saint Row for the win!

People who are fanatical about GTA remind me of the useless masses who purchases COD.

StraightPath2117d ago

Saints Row? All though looks pretty fun and i will be renting it. but compared to GTA? it basically is a dust particle. Saints Row dont touch GTA.

thereapersson2117d ago

The difference between Saints Row and GTA is that I would pay full price for GTA.

Perjoss2117d ago

Saints Row is fun and kind of different, but make no mistake, GTA is 100% in a different class of its own.

Razmossis2117d ago

So, it's not San Andreas. It's just Los Santos?
I'll be fine with that as long as they include the little hick towns around the outskirts of the city like before, they were super fun.

FFXI1012116d ago

Everyone has a different taste, I went to midnight release for GTV4 but after play the game I was disappointed(compare to other GTAs)

I enjoy play Saints'Row 2 more than I did with GTA4. Of course GTA has better story, graphic, but on the fun lvl I think Saint's row was better for me.

Dee_912116d ago

And you remind me of the ignoramus type that talk down on people because they have a different opinion than yours

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omi25p2117d ago

You mean the ridiculous over the topness that will get boring fast.

SoapShoes2117d ago

I agree that it's stale but I don't agree with the Saints Row part. I like that series but the whole car jacking open world stuff is just old imo. I really really hope GTAV doesn't suck like GTAIV. I thought GTA4 would be a reinvention but it still played pretty much the same. Not excited for this but I will be happy to be wrong because GTA3 was soooo good when it came out.

NYC_Gamer2117d ago

saint's row is garbage no kind of real focused story/gameplay just over the top silly non sense.

Outside_ofthe_Box2117d ago

I was beginning to think that I was the only one that thinks Saints Row is trash.

I find it hard to believe that people think that game is better than GTA 4.

vickers5002116d ago

Yeah, because that's what people play GTA for, the story. /s

And the gameplay in SR2 is better in every way than GTA4.

I don't find it hard to believe that people like GTA4 better though, because this generation, all people give a crap about is graphics, which is only one of the two categories that GTA4 actually beats SR2 in.

BlmThug2117d ago

I love both GTA and SR but GTA is the king in my heart. Im still buying SR3 on release and will play it till my hands fall of.

sinclaircrown2117d ago

"southern California with black gangs that speak lots of ebonics, mexicans that wear plaid shirts with one button and asians who wear nice suits is a reinvention?"

So you've played it? how are the missions? Weapons? Hows the driving feel compared to previous GTA's? Mini games any good in this one? Oh and one last thing... You sir, don't know ANYTHING.


Simon_Brezhnev2117d ago

So i guess if its just only caucasians you would like that right.

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OcularVision2117d ago

I personally hope they keep the gritty realism. I'm sure a lot of people want it to be over-the-top like San Andreas.

Outside_ofthe_Box2117d ago

They can keep the realism. I liked that about 4, but the over the topness of San Andreas is what gave the game replay value. R* should keep the realsim, but give us things like jetpacks and tanks through cheats and then all will be good.

OcularVision2117d ago

a heli isnt enough for u? o.o

mastahmind2117d ago

a heli is not special.. a jetpack is cool and makes u want to use it.. its a game its has to have special things for u to use other wise you will end up like gta IV, boring when u fininsh the story

rabidpancakeburglar2117d ago

I think I can answer that. HELI NO!

Cosmit2116d ago


Your completely right on that. I hope they give us those memorized cheats sequences instead of a freaking cellphone. I played the crap out of San Andreas. Never really focused on the story since I just messed around. FUN AS HELL!

Played and finished GTA4 and it had no replay value at all. Getting chased by cops and all that just wasn't fun. It was hard to mess around..

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Fez2117d ago

I hope they keep the realism, but improve on the player mechanics. Just make smoother animations and a main character who doesn't feel like a light breeze could knock him over. Ballad of Gay Tony was a step in the right direction for that.

StraightPath2117d ago

Grand Theft Auto 5 sounds very exciting indeed. Could this be the greatest Grand Theft Auto game of all time?

RioKing2117d ago

^and GTA5 forwarded it to voicemail ;)

Johandevries2117d ago

Well, everyone expected GTA4 to forward its predecessors to voicemail, but I am not too optimistic. It's hard to beat the glory of the past, even for Rockstar

RioKing2117d ago

Yeah I'll give you that..

MRMagoo1232117d ago

Vice city although had great music and was one of the best IMO san andreas beat it easily, if they make this new gta as fun gta sa ill be very very happy. I think gta4 needed more fun things to do to keep it fun after you finished the game and the relationship crap on the phones just pissed me off.

Eiffel2117d ago

San Andreas holds claim as the best GTA to date.

Simon_Brezhnev2117d ago

i agree with you Eiffel

San Andreas is the best GTA followed by Vice City.

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GunofthePatriots2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

they definitely need to reinvent some things.

TheBlackMask2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

I'm still p*ssed off that there not doing the other two cities in SA. You can't take an exsisting city, make it twice as big as Red Dead Redemption which would be impossible because Los Santos isn't that big and then finally add mountains and forest areas to that region when it never had any. The only ones in SA were outside of Los Santos near Ssan a way, it's NOT Los Santos

omi25p2117d ago

How do you know they arent doing the other two cities?

TheBlackMask2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Apparently Rockstar have said themselfs that's what has been going around on here, see HeavenlySnipes comment for example.