Viva Piñata: Party Animals gets 5/10 from writes:

"One area in which Party Animals can't be criticised is the presentation, with bright and colourful visuals bringing the world of Piñata Island to life with great effect. Character models are excellent and on the whole it really does feel like you're playing a game inside the animated series. With split-screen play during race events there is some obvious slowdown, but rarely does this prove so severe to hamper gameplay."

"For all its charm and my early enthusiasm for Party Animals, there simply isn't enough creativity to make this a title families will keep coming back to. Perhaps the biggest tell of my disappointment came when I realised how fun the game could be if played on the Wii. In fact at this time in the life of the Xbox 360, the Viva Piñata franchise seems much better suited to the Wii than the hardcore gamer focused Xbox 360."

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